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Monday, December 21, 2009

Our First Snow

We finally had our first snow here in northwest Ohio! I find it ironic, and quite hilarious, that places far south such as Houston got snow before we did, and got even more snow! However, unlike Texas, this snow is sticking around.

The first snow made everything look so pretty. Even my ugly half-dead bush that the landlord refused to pull up looks better with a coating of snow!

I was so excited to find tracks in the snow. These are deer tracks, meaning that deer have been in my yard! They are prolific in this neighborhood. I see them frequently.

Here it looks like the deer stepped sideways for a bit, then decided to continue on in its original path.

Here is what blows my mind though....look how close to the front of my home the deer were! They were close enough that they could have looked in my living room windows! How cool is that?!? On the other hand, if I went out at night to get into my car to go to work, it would probably freak me out to see them so close!

I found bunny tracks in my driveway and in the yard.

And here is a dog track. Wonder who did this? It's too big to be from my dog.

Aha, here is the culprit! Neighbor dog Bean.

He is my dog Jake's buddy. They like to visit when he is out doing his business and Beanie stops by for some butt sniffing and urinating at the "pee tree."

I live just on the edge of town, right across the road from the woods. It probably looked prettier Saturday afternoon right after it snowed, but I wasn't home then. Still looks pretty.

Even today, looking first north, then south down my road, it looks snowy still. Trust me, those roads can be dangerous.

Hope you enjoyed the pics of our first snow! It really looks pretty at night when the Christmas lights are glowing. A lot of the neighbors on this road decorate. However, now that we have had some snow and will have a white Christmas...I am so OVER IT! I am ready for spring now, thank you very much. The older I get, the more I wish I lived someplace warm! I don't much care for the cold and I am really scared to drive in the snow and ice. I long for a warmer clime!

Just had to share my big coup of the day! I went to Walmart this morning after work to pic up a present for my boys, and saw a sign on the door saying that Zhu-zhu pets were for sale in the garden center! What luck! I was able to get one for $8 and it will go to a sweet 5 year old boy that I know who I am sure will be thrilled with it!

Have a very Merry Christmas if I don't post before then. Hope your's will be a blessed holiday filled with family and love.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tablescape Thursday/Silver and blue Christmas

Finally, I'm making a post again! It's been a while. Today for Tablescape Thursday, I created a Christmas themed table in blue, silver, and white. I had so much fun thinking this up!

I used a white tablecloth. Oops, it wasn't long enough, so I used lacey curtains for the rear of the table.

This is the rear of the table from a couple angles.

I used a variety of bulbs in silver, blue and white. I also have a lot of light blue glass, so I used that in my tablescape. Miniature lights in white added glow, along with candlelight.

For the center, I also used ribbon and a beaded garland.

The place setting is simple in Gibson white dishes. I added ribbon down the middle. The placemats and napkins are from the set I found in an antique shop this summer. A lovely ornament in silver and blue completes the setting.

I found this Mikasa server this summer at a garage sale for only $5. I dressed it up for this tablescape with Christmas bulbs and with Lindt candies. Miniature lights make the crystal sparkle!

Depression glass sugar and creamers in the Mayfair pattern in light blue add more color.

I've had these little glass candlesticks (set of 6) for probably 25 years, but put them in a box and forgot about them! Found them at a garage sale. I added small blue bulbs.

My client's mom gave me a set of three beautiful glass and silver candlesticks for my birthday. They were PERFECT for this table!

Last, but not least, is this ice blue candlestick. I've had this set of two for years now. Got them on eBay.

I didn't want to neglect the light above the table, so I added this ornament with silver bells to hang from the center.

I didn't really add prices this time, because very little was a bargain and I paid full price, but nothing was really pricey either. Most of the materials for this table were purchased at Meijer.

Head on over to Susan's blog, Between Naps on the Porch to find a list of other Tablescape Thursday participants.

Hopefully I'll have the chance to visit blogs this weekend! I've missed all of you so much.