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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Love Story: SWF seeks perfect wait...perfect HOUSE!

Three and a half years ago, I got the type of job I had hoped for while attending college following the closure of a factory where I had worked for over 11 years. I had lived in the same town where I was working. However, when I again became employed, I had a 60 mile round trip daily. It took me 45-50 minutes just to get to work. Coming home, I often had to drive in the dark, and found it more and more difficult to focus on the dark roads. Not to mention the snowy hazardous driving conditions which on one memorable icy night had me in tears and in fear of my life during the more than two hours it took me to get home. I decided that was it! My search for the perfect home was on. If I had put out an ad for the perfect home, it might have read something like this: Seeking the perfect house. Must be low maintenance and stable. Must be responsible for lawn mowing and snow removal and major repairs to the exterior. A handsome friendly appearance is highly desired.

A condo seemed to fit the bill! I wouldn't be stuck with having to take care of a yard and I wouldn't have to worry about replacing a roof someday. Early on in my search, I found this great little townhouse! It had three bedrooms, a full bath upstairs, and a half bath down, plus a garage. The closets were huge! I loved the little patio area in front, and it was on a peaceful setting. The location was great too! However, the living room was tiny, the kitchen was a narrow pathway, and there was no back door in case of a fire. However, some unexpected problems in my current home made me reconsider for the time being and postpone my search until spring.

Spring had sprung, and the search continued. There was an Open House ad in the paper for a nice two bedroom condo. The location wasn't quite as great, but it was in a nice neighborhood, and set in the middle of the block on a private drive. The bathroom was nice and big, the kitchen with laundry was a nice size, and there was a very private, shady patio in the back. A bonus was that there was an extra room that condo owners would share that had a murphy bed and half bath which could be used for overnight guests or a small party.

I wanted to check out one more place before I brainstormed over which place was the best fit. These condos were brand spanking new, cute, had a walk in closet in the master bedroom with a door to the large bathroom, and the second bedroom had sliding doors to a patio which you could have screened in or as a three season porch. The tiny square footage was a concern though, but heat would have been very affordable. However, the location wasn't my favorite, but it was near close friends.

So which place would it be? The three bedroom townhouse that the children liked the best? Hmmm, stairs. Being on one floor sounded better and better. Maybe the cute little brick condo. I was leaning toward that one. How about the brand new condos? Nice, but they all looked the same. Everyone called them the McCondos.

And then one day, there was an ad for an Open House in the perfect location. It was near a major recreational facility, was near the schools, and most perfect of all, was on a river! I had always dreamed of living on a body of water, however, those properties are generally not even close to being affordable, but here was a house in a great location and the asking price was well under those of other homes in the neighborhood. I went inside and immediately began my love affair with the perfect house. Like falling in love with another person, it wasn't exactly what I asked for, it wasn't exactly what I imagined, but it felt exactly right. As I walked through the house, it had it all: three bedrooms, one and a half bath, a family room, a living room, and a nice size kitchen with lots of storage. I did not want a big yard, but when I saw it, I knew that this was a yard that could make me fall in love with the outside again. My first view of the river sealed the deal. This was it! Thereafter I began two months of living on pins and needles hoping that I would be approved for financing, and then negotiating my bid. People still don't believe me when I tell them how much I got it for. God must have been pulling some strings big time! I moved in last February, days after the winter's biggest snowfall.

This is my favorite place to sit as soon as it is warm. Last summer I spent hours on my deck gazing at the sky, watching the trees, watching the birds, the bunnies and other wildlife. The warm sun calms me and the gentle winds put me in a state of serenity that I have never felt anywhere else. I live in town, but it feels like the country.

Here is a view of the deck looking toward the river bank. Soon the leaves will obstruct my view.

Here is a picture that my son took from the banks of the river. I wish I could get down the banks, but they are probably 25 feet down and very very steep! I don't think my middle aged pudgy legs can carry me down and back up again! I'll be satisfied with this gorgeous pic for now!

My hopes for all of you are that if you are looking for that perfect home, that you find it! And if you're in a house that you love, cherish it.

Spring has sprung!

Welcome to my blog! I'm inspired by so many of the Rate My Space ladies who have begun blogging. I can't wait to get started on this space and join the fun. Hope you share my joy of living in my most favorite home yet!

I'm so happy that it's finally spring! After a long, harsh winter, I find the warmth and sunshine practically intoxicating! I'm so fortunate to have moved into a home where the previous owner was a gardener. Though I am queen of the brown thumb, the former lady of the house was so wise to have planted perennials that bloom at all different times of the spring and summer.It was just two months ago that we had our last significant snowfall. Hard to believe!

Makes me shiver just to think of how cold it was then! Look at what spring has brought to my gardens though! It just warms my heart and delights my eyes!

I have to confess that the little red shed isn't mine. It belongs to a neighbor, but I just loved the bright colors and the rugged fence. Everything is so colorful!
Have a great day! I'll post again soon.