My blog dress and header has changed! As a newlywed, I am excited to present a whole new theme.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Spring has sprung!

Welcome to my blog! I'm inspired by so many of the Rate My Space ladies who have begun blogging. I can't wait to get started on this space and join the fun. Hope you share my joy of living in my most favorite home yet!

I'm so happy that it's finally spring! After a long, harsh winter, I find the warmth and sunshine practically intoxicating! I'm so fortunate to have moved into a home where the previous owner was a gardener. Though I am queen of the brown thumb, the former lady of the house was so wise to have planted perennials that bloom at all different times of the spring and summer.It was just two months ago that we had our last significant snowfall. Hard to believe!

Makes me shiver just to think of how cold it was then! Look at what spring has brought to my gardens though! It just warms my heart and delights my eyes!

I have to confess that the little red shed isn't mine. It belongs to a neighbor, but I just loved the bright colors and the rugged fence. Everything is so colorful!
Have a great day! I'll post again soon.


bj said...

Hi and WELCOME to BlogLand....Sooo happy to have you here. I think you will just love it...I sure do.
Good, good luck and, again, Welcome!
hugs, bj

Picket said...

Hello friend!!!! Welcome to blogland! Wish I could give you directions on how to "travel' thru but I hadn't found them yet myself!!! lol (psst.if you find them first..let me copy! lol) It was such a treat to hear from you...I miss RMS and all my friends...I try to visit it a few minutes when I can...I still love home and surroundings are so beautiful...I loved that big red Quince bush .at least that's what we call them down here..they are usually one of the first things to bloom...but be careful if it is a Quince bush they have huge long thorns! You look like you have a large country setting around you...can you have a clothesline? ohhhh I wish I had one so bad in my back yard..I love sheets blowing in the breeze...But we have so many birdfeeders up and so many birds visiting the backyard all day I'm afraid all I could do is take them back off the line and put them back in the washing machine! lol lol Take care friend and come back anytime!!!

Daniel Coutz said...

Hey Sean's mom! I'm not home from college yet. I get home May 15. I'm excited you have a blog now. You need to tell your son to post more on his.