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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pink Saturday/ Sneak peak at pinks in my apartment

Welcome to another Pink Saturday! For a list of other participants, go visit our gracious hostess Beverly at How Sweet the Sound.

Well folks, I am returning to the realm of the sane and normal this week. Here are some sneak peaks into my new bedroom. I have only a few things moved in there so far, but am excited about how it's going to look. This is a bigger bedroom and I have more room for all my girly stuff!

Remember this wicker settee that I found at an antique shop this summer? I paid only $20 for this! What a bargain! This is the real wicker too, not that resin stuff they make nowadays.

Here's how I am dressing it up for the new bedroom! I wanted something nice to sit on where I could sit up to read, but still put my feet up too. I think this is the perfect solution! I got some wood sheeting cut to fit the seats, and bought some big pillows. Then I threw one of my bedspreads over the pillows to create this little loveseat. There is a lot of pink in the cover, and in two of the pillows.

My plan is to put this yard long roses picture above. I got this picture on eBay a few years ago. I love the antique moulding around the frame. It cost quite a bit to ship because it's heavy, but it was worth every penny as it was exactly what I was looking for!

Here is a close up of the lovely pink roses.

A couple years ago I found this pink chair at a thrift shop for only $15. My Waverly pillow looks pretty good there. My intent is to have this chair to read in also, but truth be told, it will sit near my closet and will probably have my clothes thrown over it.

I might take it out back this summer and spray paint it a creamy white. We'll see. I also like the contrast of some wood in the room to offset all the white.

Since I live in a testosterone charged home (two sons, even the dog is a boy), its nice to have my area where I can be all feminine and girly. With so much pink and lace and frilliness, will I ever be able to get a manly man into that bedroom? I guess I'll figure that out when that time comes. Hope springs eternal!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday!

I'm so excited! I got a phone call today from a child daycare center where I had submitted a job application. I have an interview Thursday morning!

Edited to add: I had the interview today, and I think it went very well. However, it was not for a full time job as I the ad led me to believe, and pay is only $7.00 per hour! I would still like the job as unemployment will pay the difference in my wages and what I will be getting on unemployment compensation, but it does take the excitement down a bit.

I'm a little nervous. I want to say all the right things so that I make a good impression!

I have never worked in a daycare before, but raised three pretty good kids and managed to keep them healthy. I also used to take my turn in the church nursery when my kids were younger. I hope they think that will be enough experience!

I am getting a good feeling about this job. I think that I would love to work with children! Please pray for me that it goes well.

It's been an exciting week on the whole so far. On Sunday, my son asked me what I thought was flying in the sky. Was it a big hawk? As soon as my youngest son said it had a white head, I knew what it was!

There is an eagle's nest about 2-3 miles downriver. I know exactly where this nest is, and although I didn't take this picture, it is the same eagle. Did you know that eagles are making a comeback? Hard to believe that they are living here in northwest Ohio! They like to live near bodies of water, so the closer you get to Lake Erie, the more there are.

Here is another picture of the eagle. Not my pic though.

This is the picture I took. Darn, the little booger wouldn't stay still! He flew quite close a couple times, but then as quick as can be, he would be gone again.

Seconds after I took the picture above, he was only a tiny speck in the sky. Click on the picture to enlarge it. Can you see him? He is that tiny dot just slightly left of the very center of the picture.

It was so exciting to actually see the eagle! They are magnificent birds. I have seen him flying over my part of the river only once before, and last year, I saw an eagle sitting in a field near the Maumee River. I think it was the eagle that roosts in the next county over.

On Monday night, my son came home from work, then grabbed the camera and took off outside. Look what he found! See those five sets of eyes glowing in the dark?

Can you see them? This picture is a little lighter. I knew that that deer were coming into the yard, but had never actually seen one, only the evidence they left. He said they didn't take off even though he snapped three pictures! Of course, by the time I ran out there in my robe, black socks and slippers, they were gone. Darn!

Today as my sons and I were taking boxes to the new place, I saw wild turkeys in a neighbor's yard! No, not this kind of turkey, thought they are a little wild at times.

Though this is a pic I found at Google Images, the ones I saw looked just like this! I think it is going to be so much fun to watch for wildlife near the new place. It's right across from some woods. I know that deer come there too because I found tracks in the snow right outside my front door!

Well that's all for my Wednesday Wonders! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Blue Monday/A Night at the Oscars

It's Blue Monday, sponsored by Sally at Smiling Sally's blog.

For this week's Blue Monday, I stalked the Red Carpet, discreetly taking pics with my Kodak Easy Share. Ha, as if. Most of the pics here are by with a few others by Getty.

I have to say, with the exception of a very few, the starlets really brought it tonight! The dresses were most elegant, and even the ones that I thought missed, only missed by a margin. There was only one that I considered truly dreadful.

So let's see who showed up in blue! The first is new starlet Frieda Pinto from the best picture "Slumdog Millionaire." I am telling you, you MUST see this picture! It is just that good. I think Frieda is darling as she sports this beautifully embroidered gown. She is just such a doll anyhow.

Her co-star Dev Patel is just as adorable. I swear, you will fall in love with these two on the big screen!

I am not sure if this is a smoky shade of blue-gray or just all out gray, but this dress is gorgeous on best actress Kate Winslet! I love the one shoulder style as well as the suprising addition of black lace on the opposite side.

Another Oscar winner from years past is Marion Cotillard sporting blue accents in this lovely dress. However, it looks like she went a little whacky with the nylon netting, and I don't much like the belt. What is with the belt craze on these formal dresses? They really don't flatter.

I think that best supporting actress Penelope Cruz wore my favorite dress of the night! She looks ethereal in the white confection. It's so sweet that it looks like she could be atop a wedding cake!

Though she was a dud in a scary get-up at the Golden Globes, Marissa Tomei brings it home with this stunning white dress with a long trail! It shows off her teeny figure.

Here is a gentleman who begs to be included, just for sheer hotness alone. Hey, why should the ladies get all the glory? Hubba hubba, Mario Lopez! I would so do him.

Virginia Madsen is lovely in this shade of red. I actually like that her girls are not all hanging out (unlike Sarah Jessica Parker whose breasteses looked like they were trying to escape). I like the front of the dress. Get a load of the fellow to the right who is taking a gander at Ms. Madsen. The look in his eyes says, "Got MILF? It does a body good!"

Though I wouldn't call it a stunning look, this dress in pink/lavender suits Natalie Portman very well. If she would only wear a smile, it might take the outfit up yet another notch!

I see that Angelina finally wore a dress that fits, instead of those sloppy get-ups she has been wearing lately. This little black dress is a stunner and should put the pregnancy rumors to rest. Her arm candy, Brad baby, doesn't look too bad either, but I wish he would shave that dreadful moustache pronto!

Take a look at the contrast between these two "women of age." Meryl Streep is classy and appropriate in this colorless, yet otherwise lovely dress. I love her hair!

Sophia Loren, on the other hand, tries just a little too hard. Instead of looking youthful and fun, she looks like she should be at a party dancing the flamenco. She is an eternal beauty, but this dress does her no favors. Neither does her makeup.

I call Jessica Biel's dress a near miss. I adore her hair as it looks so classy and feminine. I would love it if she had left the big bow at home though. It sets the dress off balance. It's also a little too long, and we can't see her shoes!

Beyonce Knowles yet again shows off her hourglass figure, but I don't care for the bottom of this dress or the oversize print. For some reason, it just looks garish, and with all the gold, she blends in a little with the background. Vanessa Hudgeons and Melissa George had the same mermaid tail to their gowns too, and I just don't care for the look.

Amy Adams misses the mark here. The dress fits funny, and the black markings don't flatter. The necklace is totally wrong for the dress, and her hairstyle is too plain just pulled back that way.

Mickey Rourke, what can I say? Though always a mess, he looks a little better than he did at previous awards shows, but why is the man always reaching for his crotch? Doesn't he own a comb? And take those glasses off, young man!

Remember the days when he used to look like this? Whatever happened?

Miley Cyrus's dress is just too cumbersome. I hate the belt too. Why does this remind me of fish scales? On a lighter scale(heheh), this could have been lovely.

The usually lovely Heidi Klum drops down a notch or two with this dud of a dress. It has weird angles and just doesn't seem to fit right. The flat hair, excessive eye makeup, and pale lips don't work.

Here is a lady who tried to match her gown to her hair color! Usually a very bad idea. I don't know who Melissa Leo is, but this gown looks like she bought it off the clearance rack at the Deb shop at the mall.

I saved the worst for last. Past Oscar winner Tilda Swinton looks just DREADFUL in this odd get-up. Her pale, shapeless top blends in with her pale hair and pale face, into which her eyes have disappeared. With everything else so pale, the red lips look shocking. The skirt is unflattering as well. Does this woman have no good friends who would tell her how bad she looks? She would have looked better if she had bought a dress off the clearance rack at the mall!

What did you think of last night's Red Carpet fashions?

I didn't watch the show as I don't have cable, but I followed it online. I was thrilled to see Heath Ledger win the best supporting actor award posthumously. His character in The Dark Knight was disturbing to watch. Over the years I have seen the scope of this mans acting talents, and he was most deserving of this award!

What did you think of the awards?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pink Saturday/ Something Pink for Men

I have posted so many of my pink possessions that I was running out of ideas for things to post for Pink Saturday.

At first I thought of posting some pink rooms. Then I thought, ho hum, who hasn't posted pink rooms? I did find some pretty ones, but thought I should offer up something a little more unique. I giggled to myself and typed in "men in pink" into Google. Well, have you ever typed in something, and it shows several lines beneath with other search suggestions?

Here is what Google came up with - "men in pink bras." Oh this was going to be good!

I thought of the Seinfeld episode where George got his father a bra for men. They called it the "bro" and the "mansierre."

If you go to Urban Dictionary, you can find the definition for the "Manzeer: A word describing a bra designed for men that possess droppy, saggy, or otherwise oversized pectoral fat. Such men could be said to have man cans, man boobs, man t**ties, moobs."

Then they put the word into a sentence: "If Jack's man cans get any bigger, he is going to need a manzeer to keep from getting black eyes!"

My own favorite word for men's oversized fleshy pectorals is "he-hooters."

In Japan, they now have the mansierre for sale! They even make one in pink!

You thought I was kidding, didn't you? Nope! I guess they are selling rather well.

Does this mean they are wearing them on the street?

Apparently so.

My ex was rather big when he was married to me. I estimate that he would have needed a B-C cup in a mansierre. I imagine he might have looked something like this wearing one!

I don't understand how the craze is catching on. I mean, seriously, do you like having to wear a bra? As one young lady says, "Bra's must be made by men, because there is no way a woman would have chosen such an uncomfortable idea for women for all eternity." I must confess though, I would rather be wearing an uncomfortable bra than have the girls hanging down past my belly button.

It must be the novelty of it all. After all, men have the choice of taking it off at any time!

Okay, I'm not judging here, and not hating, but I am so glad this man (and yes it is a man) is not my neighbor. I hope he has a really high fence.

Some of the comments that came with this pic that I found on Flickr made reference to his sexiness. I threw up in my mouth a little.

Come to think of it, he does have kind of nice legs though.

For a list of far more sane Pink Saturday posts, please visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Things That Are Making Me Happy Today

I am a person who is much too easily amused. Here are some things that have made me happy today!

Today while walking the dog, I came upon a little pile of poop. Why should this get my blood pumping? I think it's deer poop! I have not yet ever seen a deer in my yard, but here is evidence that one was actually here! I went on Google and typed in "deer droppings" and sure enough, I found pictoral evidence that this came from a deer. See, it's oval shaped. If it had dropped out of a bunny's ass, it would be perfectly round.

I think it was eating this smushed up pumpkin. This used to be a pretty white pumpkin that sat on my red bench. I told my son to put it in the garbage or throw it onto the riverbank, NOT to put it in my driveway flower garden! Then again, maybe the deer dragged it up to my garden. Yeah, right.

This little Paris plate that I found in an antique shop a few years ago makes me happy because it reminds me of my trip to Paris almost 10 years ago.

I keep my perfume on it. This perfume makes me happy because I can now use perfume every day again! We were discouraged from wearing perfume at work because some people find it annoying, it could trigger unpleasant memories, and lastly, why would we want to be attractive to clients? Good point! Now I can wear my Dolce and Gabbana, Estee Lauder Beautiful, Bath and Body Brown Sugar and Fig, Calvin Klein Eternity, Burberry Brit, and my Ralph Lauren Ralph perfume. Not all at once though.

New panties! Half price new panties! In pretty and fun colors! Oh yes, these make me happy! Also makes me happy that I have lost so much weight that it was actually necessary to buy new panties!

This new edition of Country Living makes me happy! I LOVE this cover. Living in a bedroom like that would make me extremely happy.

It makes me happy to slip on this ring that used to belong to my mother. For about a year after she died, I wore it. Then my brother, who had bought it for her demanded I give it to him as he wanted to give it to his fiancee, who later became his wife. I was very upset because I really loved this ring. About two years ago, my sister-in-law was going through some things and decided to give it to me. She said it rightly belonged to me and she had never worn it anyhow. I was thrilled to get it back!

My new sweater with all the spangly stuff makes me happy! I got it on sale for only $15 (before I found out that I was going to be unemployed). I wore it today.

Getting invited to my former workplace for a luncheon to honor a co-worker who is moving to a new office makes me happy. We had salad, garlic bread, lasagna, and Oreo cookie dessert! It all made my mouth very happy! Not sure what it did to my blood suger though. Oh well, this means I have to work extra hard on the treadmill. Good food and good friends...great combination!

Despite everything that is going on in my life, I truly am feeling really happy today. Right now it feels like a long overdue vacation, and I am excited about having time to actually do the things I need to do, and some time to do things I have wanted to do.

By the way, you guys had some great ideas for my new apartment! When we get in and get settled, I'll show you what I came up with. Some things might have to wait for later, but at least I'll have the vision of what to do.

Have a great Thursday!