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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday!

I'm so excited! I got a phone call today from a child daycare center where I had submitted a job application. I have an interview Thursday morning!

Edited to add: I had the interview today, and I think it went very well. However, it was not for a full time job as I the ad led me to believe, and pay is only $7.00 per hour! I would still like the job as unemployment will pay the difference in my wages and what I will be getting on unemployment compensation, but it does take the excitement down a bit.

I'm a little nervous. I want to say all the right things so that I make a good impression!

I have never worked in a daycare before, but raised three pretty good kids and managed to keep them healthy. I also used to take my turn in the church nursery when my kids were younger. I hope they think that will be enough experience!

I am getting a good feeling about this job. I think that I would love to work with children! Please pray for me that it goes well.

It's been an exciting week on the whole so far. On Sunday, my son asked me what I thought was flying in the sky. Was it a big hawk? As soon as my youngest son said it had a white head, I knew what it was!

There is an eagle's nest about 2-3 miles downriver. I know exactly where this nest is, and although I didn't take this picture, it is the same eagle. Did you know that eagles are making a comeback? Hard to believe that they are living here in northwest Ohio! They like to live near bodies of water, so the closer you get to Lake Erie, the more there are.

Here is another picture of the eagle. Not my pic though.

This is the picture I took. Darn, the little booger wouldn't stay still! He flew quite close a couple times, but then as quick as can be, he would be gone again.

Seconds after I took the picture above, he was only a tiny speck in the sky. Click on the picture to enlarge it. Can you see him? He is that tiny dot just slightly left of the very center of the picture.

It was so exciting to actually see the eagle! They are magnificent birds. I have seen him flying over my part of the river only once before, and last year, I saw an eagle sitting in a field near the Maumee River. I think it was the eagle that roosts in the next county over.

On Monday night, my son came home from work, then grabbed the camera and took off outside. Look what he found! See those five sets of eyes glowing in the dark?

Can you see them? This picture is a little lighter. I knew that that deer were coming into the yard, but had never actually seen one, only the evidence they left. He said they didn't take off even though he snapped three pictures! Of course, by the time I ran out there in my robe, black socks and slippers, they were gone. Darn!

Today as my sons and I were taking boxes to the new place, I saw wild turkeys in a neighbor's yard! No, not this kind of turkey, thought they are a little wild at times.

Though this is a pic I found at Google Images, the ones I saw looked just like this! I think it is going to be so much fun to watch for wildlife near the new place. It's right across from some woods. I know that deer come there too because I found tracks in the snow right outside my front door!

Well that's all for my Wednesday Wonders! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!


Chris said...

I'll pray for you,that you land that job. When we used to to the mountains in NC, there were turkeys in the area, like one time a dozen came to the yard for the corn I threw out, all of a sudden they took off flying, yes you read right , flying. That was the funniest thing, with their big ole bodies. They weren't high or fast, but they did fly.LOL


Picket said...

Girl my prayers are with you on getting the job! How exciting moving into a new place...and next to the woods ohhhhhh I love that!!!! What an awesome sight to see an's it amazing what it does to one's inner spirit to see such glorious signs of nature? Take care girl and have a great week!

Mrs. B. Silly said...

I'm delighted to hear that you have an interview already. I think the best thing you can take into an interview is your confidence. Even if this job doesn't work out, it is such a positive sign that you have received a call for an interview so quickly. I know something good will come your way and I'll be crossing my fingers for this daycare job.
Your photos of the wildlife are great but beware or setting out any flowers because I once laid out a wonderful buffet of pansies for the deer in my neighborhood (back in Texas.) lol

Shelia said...

Morning, Dear One! Oh, yes, I'll be praying for you and your job interview. I know God has the right one for you - maybe this is it!
Wow, an eagle! That's amazing! They are so beautiful! And eyes, you saw deer eyes! Looks like a bunch of little aliens! Deer are so beautiful too!
Wow, what a wonderful time you're having! Hope all is going well with the move. Can't wait to see!!
Yes, m'ame, you're entered in my giveaway.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

An Accomplished Woman said...

I am sure you will do great. I love the pictures of the Eagle and the nest. Good luck.


Raxx - A day in the life said...

Hi Kady
An interveiw is so exiting, just be your wonderful confident self and your personality is bound to shine through.

I'm really happy that you are out there and possibilites are happeing!

I love your wild life pics, esp the deer, even though the eyes looked a bit scary! lol!!

Again, good luck tomorrow!

Justine/Justiney/Tiney said...

Ooh, good luck on the interview tomorrow! I'll cross everything for ya!
How cool about the bald eagle. I've only seen one in the wild one time!
And how exciting. Now you've got the deer to match the poop!
Justine :o )

Donna said...

Good luck with the interview, Kady! Sounds like a fun job! And I love all your posts about wildlife. I would get so excited to see an eagle (I've never seen one in my life)... And how I'd love to see deer or wild turkeys in our little neck of the woods! Very exciting!!... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

nikkicrumpet said...

OH I hope that is the perfect job for you and that you get it! I love the eagle...very cool that you have one living near by. But the deer pictures with the glowy eyes...LOVED IT! Although if I had seen it in person....the glowy eyes probably would have freaked me out until I realized they were deer!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh, I'm praying for you. Sounds like a perfect job for you. Loved your interview jokes! Those pictures give new meaning to the expression "Deer in the headlights"! Amazing! laurie

Smilingsal said...

Oh Kady, I hope you get the job! You'd be so gentle with little ones. I can't believe that all of that wildlife lives around you! The eagle picture is amazing, and those turkeys...

Sharon Kay said...

I want to wish you good luck for the interview, I am sure you will do well, just be you.....
Sharon K

Secondary Roads said...

I guess you've had the interview. My prayer is that you'll receive good news tomorrow.

Deer are regular visitors on our lawn. Turkeys are a bit shy, but I see them regularly around the neighborhood. I've seen the bald eagle in the area, they spend the winter close by. One time, while family was here, an eagle flew just over the house and gave us all a thrill.


Shelia said...

Hi Kady! Thanks for the visit.
Have you heard from your interview yet! I'm praying for you!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

imjacobsmom said...

Hi Kady, My fingers are crossed for you! I thought I always wanted to work in a day care center or be a school lunch lady - hair net and all -LOL! Your son was lucky to snap those shots of the deer - I bet he was excited to see so many at once! We get them in our yard here, too. (and I live in a suburb - go figure). Well, I have to go shovel the driveway, we had a quick little 6 inches yesterday afternoon. ~ Robyn

Helen said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you, let us know what happens.

Shelia said...

Hi Kady! I'm sure your guys would like the enchiladas - these are real man foods! ;)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :0

Sweetie said...

I hope that your job interview went well. The picture of the eagle is amazing. I love the picture of the deer. Such a beautiful area!