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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday Wonders

Before I left work today, I saw the most brilliant, incredible rainbow! It looked like it stretched all the way from the city's northside to the eastside, two neighborhoods which surely could use a pot of gold these days!

Anyhow, it helped give me some faith as I work these last two days at my job. It made me feel like I was being given a sign that everything would be ok.

The picture above is NOT mine. I found it on Google Images. The rainbow I saw was just as bright and beautiful though. I wish I had taken this picture, but as I raced home, praying all the way that the rainbow would be just as beautiful by the time I got home and grabbed my camera, I was glad to see that it was still partially there. So why aren't I displaying one of my own pictures? Because when I went to get the camera, it wasn't on the recharger and the battery was dead!

I also wanted to show you a picture of how the river looks with all the ice broken. This was nabbed from the front page of today's local newspaper. Yep, even though it's only February, warm temps prevailed, and the ice has cracked.

It's not the way it looked on my part of the river as it has broken up even more. We had torrential rains this morning and all day, and the river has spilled over its banks. When I got home, the ice was being washed upstream. I wish you could have seen how fast the river was moving and I wish you could have heard the sound of the ice crashing. It sounded like bamboo windchimes, only louder. I WANTED to make a video of it with my camera, but...someone didn't put the camera back on the charger!

Oh well. Here are some pics from last year when the river flooded. I am so high up on the riverbank that it will never flood here. It would flood the entire town before it would get high enough to flood my home. However, I really felt bad last year when 80 homes and businesses in my area experienced flooding. See those trees in the background? The river bank starts before you get to the trees.

On to a different subject!

Tomorrow is my last day for my morning women's group and my evening men's group. I really enjoy facilitating group and working with my clients. Tomorrow I have something special planned for my women's group! Since it is my last day with them, I thought it would be fun to do a craft project. I am going to have them decorate cards for themselves. I bought all kinds of pretty things for them to use on the cards.

Here are some stamps I found on clearance. I love all of the inspirational words!

When they are done decorating the front of their cards, I am going to have them pass the card around the group so that each person can write a compliment or something to encourage their fellow group members. I want this last group session with them to be one where they really have their self esteem increased. You have no idea what some of these women have been through. Many women in treatment have been abused in some way or another, sometimes in the worst possible way. Some of them have had very rough lives. I hope that in some way, I have helped them to realize that they are worthy women and strong. I think it will be very hard to say goodbye to this group!

In the evening is the men's group. They got to watch a movie earlier this week, and a group member brought in a bunch of refreshments. I was touched that they wanted to have a little goodbye party for me in that way. I'm not sure yet what we will do for the final class, but it will not be something intensive. I might have them do something similar as the women's group, but just have others write their encouragements on a piece of paper. I really don't think the guys want butterflies and flowers and rhinestones!

I won't be able to take pictures of their creations due to confidentiality, but I bet the women will come up with some beautiful cards! I like to think of it as receiving a Valentine from others with positive reinforcement. I might even have them write a love letter to themselves, detailing all of their good points. Pray for me that it all goes well and that I get through the next two days!


Smilingsal said...

I've missed your visits. I'm glad to see you posted today. Try to enjoy these last two days. It sounds like you've got a good idea for the ladies.

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Kady!
The Lord will open other doors for you that you may not have wanted to look at before. I'm praying that they start opening soon for you!
I love your card idea for the ladies, very nice. And so sweet of the mens group to have a little party for you. You must be loved so much sweetie!
Love & hugs, Sherry

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Kady, you are on my prayer list. It sounds like you are making the best of a bad situation, but I know it must be difficult.
Those ladies are going to love making the cards, and I love the idea of a valentine to yourself (especially if you've been through rough times). I hope you are going to a valentine to yourself too. You deserve it. laurie

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi are in my prayers..I know something else even more wonderful will come along for you.

Jill said...

Hey Bonnie... I saw a double rainbow like that about 2 months ago with my girls. It was a happy site because we were having a rough day. Alexa wanted me to go find the end of it so she could get the gold. I wish!
Love the river pics... wish I could have seen a video of the ice because we sure don't see that here in Florida.

Jill said...

Hey Bonnie... I saw a double rainbow like that about 2 months ago with my girls. It was a happy site because we were having a rough day. Alexa wanted me to go find the end of it so she could get the gold. I wish!
Love the river pics... wish I could have seen a video of the ice because we sure don't see that here in Florida.

bj said...

Hi, Kady...I've missed you.
As you know, The Lord puts us in places for a reason and once you have fulfilled what HE wanted, HE moves you some place else. That is what is going on with you right just hold on tight and let HIM lead you where HE feels is best for YOU.
I know the ladies will enjoy their crafting...

nikkicrumpet said...

What a lovely idea...I'm sure they are going to enjoy it...and I'm sure they're going to miss you!

Lori said...

I am so touched by the cards you will have the ladies do! One day I hope to have the chance to work with women who have hard lives, I feel that I will be able to really understand alot of their pain, not just say I have. I love the idea for the cards and will remember the idea! It would even be wonderful to use for children too! Thanks for sharing today, Love ya,Lori

Justine/Justiney/Tiney said...

Just from what you wrote here, I really can tell that you love your work and that you're damn good at it! I'm so sad you have to leave the job :o ( I KNOW you've made a difference for these men and women!

I wish I could hear the ice cracking and moving down the river. That's gotta be so neat!

Justine :o )

Helen said...

Dear Kady ... you are such a talented, loving and creative woman. Everything is going to be OK, please believe that. And hang in there until it is. We are all thinking of you and sending energy your way.