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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stella at the Ribfest

Betcha thought I forgot all about Stella, didn't you? Well I still have her and will send her on to someone else next week. She will be going someplace fun! I'll tell you on the day I send her.

Well, I haven't been able to have fun with Stella lately because I haven't even had money to drive anywhere. Being on unemployment can suck, but it is a blessing nonetheless because I do have an income. I just have to watch each and every penny, and the traffic ticket fine plus a utility bill that was higher than I expected really put me behind. However, I did have enough money to go to a Ribfest last night in a nearby town!

We met up with my dear friend Keri who I had not seen in about a year and a half!

This picture was found on Google Images, but was a pic from last year's festivities. Don't those ribs look yummy? Those poor guys, if it was as hot last year as it was this year (88 degrees and humid) then I feel really sorry for them!

There was a huge crowd! Imagine 4 more blocks of a crowd just this thick!

There was a band playing and Stella wanted to rock out and shake her booty, and oh, did she ever! See that big smile on her face? She had a blast!

Here is the band. Sorry the pic is so dark, but it was overcast by this time and darker than usual for the time. The lead singer was hilarious! He had several different outfits, including a man-skirt, band outfit with short shorts, a cheerleader outfit, and a cocktail dress with ruffles and plunging neckline. I could never date a man like him...his legs looked better in a skirt than mine do!

Here is a pic of the band from their website. Check them out here if you'd like.

We had a great time! I didn't get more pics because my camera was being temperamental. However, Stella, my very good friend, good food, plus a good band all made for a very good time!

We also went to the Relay for Life that was also in town that night. It was very moving to walk around the track in rememberance of those who lost their battles with cancer and in support of those who are presently struggling or who have survived and are in remission. When we were walking, they were reading the names of those who had passed. It was quite sobering. The luminaries that lit our path were beautiful. Unfortunately, there were strong storms passing through the area, and everyone left the track, but it ended up only raining very lightly. Some nearby counties weren't so lucky and got quite a wallop, but here, festivities were able to continue after the scare.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


Shelia said...

Hi Kady! Oh, I'm glad to see Stella looking so good and having fun! Did she eat many ribs? I'll bet she'd never tasted those before! Glad you were able to have some fun too!
I'll be looking forward to finding out where she goes next!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Neabear said...

Sounds like Stella continues to have fun with you. What are you adding to her outfit before you send her on to the next person? I curious about that part!

Lindsay-ann said...

I enjoyed seeing Stella at The Ribfest. She really is having a great time with you there.

Heather said...

looks like a great time! cute photos too!

bj said... are lookin' so so fine.
I'm proud of ya and, as I said on FB, I know you are feeling better.

bj said...

I just spent some time reading past posts of yours..(sorry..I have fallen so far behind since summer got here). I was so excited to learn that you MAY have another chance at your beloved house. I will keep this in my prayers,Kady.
xo bj

Rue said...

OMG Kady! I've seen that band!!They are really good, but so funny and extremely odd! LOL

Anyway, You look incredible! Be very proud of yourself!!

Thank you for your sweet words about Shiloh.