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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Stella's Maumee River Trip to Grand Rapids Ohio, Part 2

If you haven't read Part 1 in yesterday's post, please do so before reading this post. Also check out the post from two days ago where Stella got to visit a lighthouse on Lake Erie!

We continued our visit to Grand Rapids. We came across an old fashioned general store, the Olde Gilead Country Store. Gilead was the original name of the town, but was later changed to Grand Rapids to reflect the activity of the river.

Look inside! I reminds me so much of pictures I see of old stores. Click on any pic to enlarge it. Jon and Monica are shopping in the center of the store.

The candy counter just made me smile from ear to ear! I didn't bring money, so couldn't buy anything, but just look at this incredible display! Wow, I love the old cabinet fronts and the big glass jars filled with colorful candy! You must click on this picture to get the full effect!

I love the display of antiques above the cabinets near the counter. Can you see those lovely plates on the shelves? Its probably a really good thing I didn't bring money or they would have come home with me on the boat.

At the rear of the store is a display set up in an old elevator shaft. How cool!

After we left the store, we continued our stroll down the street. We found this bench, made from river driftwood. So unique and cool!

At the edge of the downtown area was this pretty clock. They didn't spare any details in this picturesque village!

The village's town hall is very historic and serves as not only as the town hall with village offices, but also contains a theater! I thought it was so picturesque.

Near the town hall was this darling little house. It housed the office and home of the local chiropractor. I just love the little porch with white rocking chairs and railings. It had a pretty garden off to the side and back overlooking the canal. I would adore living in a place like this...except for paying flood insurance. Expensive! Although I used to live on a big river, I didn't need flood insurance because I was so high up off the river.

We passed a park too, and Jon and Jared couldn't resist taking a swing.

Jared swung way up high, and of course, being a boy he had to leap from high in the air. He almost didn't get stopped before the road! Goof!

As we approached the canoe rental shop before the boat docks, we were intrigued by this huge piece of driftwood.

It had a turtle shell on top.

I thought these posts were cool too and very nautical.

We arrived back at the boat docks.

Jon untied the boat as Jared apparently played with his nose, lol.

We headed back down the canal.

At the end of the canal is the lock gate.

There were people on top. I'm glad they didn't spit as we passed under them, lol.

Then we were back out on the mighty Maumee River.

I looked back at the dam and saw people swimming there. You probably have to click on the pic to enlarge it and see.

The trip back was a little wild as the waters were choppy and it seemed like Jon went a lot faster on the way back! I was afraid to get my camera out to snap more pics.

All too soon, we were back in Napoleon at the boat docks.

Jon loaded up the boat. His boat is the red and white Larsen.

Stella wanted to look back over the river again and say good-bye to it.

Gosh, there are parts of Ohio that are so beautiful to me that it just about takes my breath away! This is such a peaceful scene.

I sure didn't want this day to end. We had so much fun! However, the sun was beginning to set and it was time to head home.

I hope you had as good a time as we did by joining us on our journey!

Stella's last post will be tomorrow. *sigh* I sure will miss her!


Justine said...

Oh wow, Grand Rapids look sooooooooo gorgeous. I love that old town feel, and that general store! Gloria would be in 7th heaven!

Justine :o )

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Kady
I enjoyed looking around the great shops in Grand Rapids. I love that house too. It's such a beautiful place, thank you for sharing it with us and treating Stella to an amazing day out.

Mrs. B. Silly said...

That looks like a place I would LOVE to visit. Somehow, I doubt I'll ever get there so thanks for giving us a tour!

Neabear said...

What a fun place to visit! That candy counter was awesome. Wow! Loved the display on the upper shelves too. What fun!