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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Annual Parade of Homes, Part 2

Welcome to my second installment on the Builder's Association of Northeast Indiana's Parade of Homes tour. This is a scattered site tour spread over a three county area, at the low cost of only $5 per person. I spent much more in gas, but it was well worth it. I attended this last weekend, and what fun it was! Oh, I have two special gems for you today!

You can click on any pic to enlarge so that you can see the details.

This first home is called The Hollywood by Bob Buescher Homes. This home was located on Crooked Lake in Indiana. It was a stunner, and had my favorite furnishings of all the homes that I had seen. Most of the furniture was provided by a shop called The Vault in Angola, Indiana. Sadly, the upstairs was not decorated, but the first level just wowed me. Isn't this the most adorable lakeside home?

I love the freshness of the living room, so light and airy with a lot of beach and lake themed accessories.

This fireplace would be perfect on cooler nights, many of which will be here soon as fall is rapidly approaching.

Can you imagine sitting in your living room and having this view of the lake?

I just loved the cottagey feeling of this pale green bar set, also in the living room. It's something I would have in my own home...if I could afford it! It was pricey by my standards.

There was also a matching cupboard, perfect for holding games and books. This shows the true color of the green pieces.

The kitchen was not huge, but I really liked it.

I was a bit in love with this dining set...

...and with the adorable and creative table settings.

This gorgeous table and chair set in the dining nook also. How cute is that tree table?

I wish I could have taken this vase home with me.

They didn't neglect the outside deck either, as this pretty and shabby chic white wrought iron set demonstrates. I would love to have taken this home too!

But like I said, they didn't decorate the bathrooms and the bedrooms. That would have made this an A+ home in my book if they had. I sure did enjoy what I saw though.

The next home is called the Misty Moorings by Homes by Jim Ingledue Construction. They always have an entry in the Parade of Homes, and have never failed to impress me. This house was at Otter Lake on a little dirt and sand road at the water's edge and its only real fault was that it was next to an unsightly property.

This little sitting area was on the main level of the home.

But there was a main living area on the second floor. The kitchen was upstairs too, opposite this room, but I didn't get a picture as there was a radio interview going on for the event, and I didn't want to distract.

The dining room was part of the living area as well. It had the prettiest hutch cabinet full of dishes.

This tiny den was on the other side of the wall.

This master bedroom was a lovely feature of the home.

I liked the richness of the master bath, and especially liked that little bench.

Before I left the home, I took in the lake view from the second floor deck in the front of the home. What a peaceful place to live!

Hope you enjoyed this part of the tour. I'll be back later tomorrow to post the final leg of the tour.

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Justine said...

Ooh, that bar set in the first home is so cute and I love that ginormous vase that's on it!

The second home seems a bit cold to me or something, although the view is beautiful! I think they made a huge mistake in the master bath with that boring mirror though. They could have at least framed it!

Yeah, I'm a picky bitch, but come on, this is a parade of homes! Wow me baby!

Justine :o )

Miss Lady Grey said...

I absolutely loved the lake view from the first house. Wow! I could live like that, no problem.
I love poking around new homes, and getting great decorating ideas. You take some great pictures! Looking forward to the next installment. Thanks!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Kady
I loved both these homes but my favorite was the second one. The master bed and master bath were gorgeous and what I would give for a deck and view like that!
Look forward to part 3.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

I totally agree with you. That first house is wonderful - especially with that view out the window! Those furnishings on the deck are so unique and pretty. Thanks for the tour. laurie