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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Scramble

This week I am joining Justine at her blog Stupid is as Sister Does for a new weekly feature, the Sunday Scramble.

Basically, for Sunday Scramble, you just post a jumbled buch of posts on various topics of things that happened throughout the week. Here are my topics:

New Blogs!
Two friends and I have created a new blog called the Primp and Pamper Blog. It is a blog where we will be talking mostly about promoting a line of products that we sell, Tahitian Noni International health supplements and beauty products. I LOVE their products so much, that for the first time in well over 20 years, I am actually selling something. Tomorrow I will be making my introduction and telling how the products have helped me. My skin looks great, and I have more energy than I've had in years! Please check us out. For all you Facebook fans, I will also be creating a Facebook group.

I would also like to introduce my daughter Tara's new blog! She is just getting started and learning about Blogger. Please stop by and welcome her at Mrs. Shiflett's Wonderful World. She would love it!

New Food Discovery
I found something in the grocery store this week. Triscuit's Fire Roasted Tomato and Olive Oil snack crackers are the diggity bomb...da shiznett. Dang, these things are good!

I ate them with spinach dip. And despite the fact that this combination has made my stomach rumble and cause me to give off a gas so obnoxious that I cannot be in polite company (therefore I am hanging with my kids), I will buy them again. You betcha!

I've Had Dates...
I have had several dates! I met a nice gentleman in mid-December and next saw him when I spent New Year's Eve with him. We have seen each other a couple times since, and talk on the phone a couple times a week. Right now we are just friends, and for now, that is good with me. Will it end up being more? I don't know...way too soon to tell. There are some things we have in common: we have both been counselors, we both have jack russell terriers, and we both have Golden Rhapsody dishes by Kaysen's. Sounds like a match, huh? We'll see.

...and a related embarrassing story...
I feel pretty comfortable around him. So comfortable in fact that I felt okay to do a number two at his place. Now, I am someone who can almost NEVER do that except at home! But I felt cool about doing that at his place.

Except I plugged up his toilet. Oh. My. God.

And of course, he didn't have a plunger.

So nothing to do but admit my embarrassing misadventure to him. It didn't deter him from wanting to see me again, thankfully. And I don't think its because my pooh smells like roses.

...which leads to this discovery!
I thought maybe it would be fun to supply a visual of what I did, but since I am not a generally a gross person, at least not in public, I had to find something tame and non-gross. This lead me to this! A plush doo-doo shaped dog toy. That squeaks. Oh boy.

Of course, I couldn't leave well enough alone. I had to continue looking through Baron Bob's site. And then...I found this! A bar of soap shaped to fit over and clean your man's "junior." If I had a man, I'm not sure I'd want to give him this as a present because he might spend entirely too much time in the shower. Using up all my hot water. And he might not need me any more either. Wonder if it comes in different sizes? After all, not all men are created equal! Heh.

Then I found something that the whole family could enjoy in the shower! Especially if their kind of humor is in the Beavis and Butthead is ours. Here is the piece de resistance, a shower gel dispenser. Shaped like a nose. Hot diggity dog!

Must. Have. One. Of. These! With the green gel, of course!

Hope you enjoyed Sunday Scramble! And apologies to Justine for getting this posted so late. Please consider joining in next week.

I promise a more genteel post in the future!


Justine said...

OMG, you're hysterical! Did you know that Nikki Crumpet actually sent me the stuffed sperm from that company? Heeheeheeee

And the weenie kleener! Ewwwwwwwww!

I'm so glad you've had some successful dates. Is there any ZING there, or no?

Thanks soooooooooo much for linking up, Kady! You did great!

Justine :O )

Jill said...

I am gone too long.. you hear me.. too long. My sister has taken over blogland! How dare she have a featured day.. Lol!

How r u girl?????

Lori said...

So hows it goin? Funny as hell I see! Glad I stopped by, school is just work, work and more work this semester! have a Happy Valentines day friend!Lori