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Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday Scramble....Late!

Looks like I'm a day late and a dollar short for the Sunday Scramble, because here it is Monday already. I have so much to tell you though!

I am most excited that I am going to be going to Chicago in April for a Women on Fire retreat! This is an event sponsored by my former babysitter Debbie Phillips, who after babysitting for my brothers and I, went on to graduate from Harvard, become a journalist, serve as a press secretary to Senator John Glenn, and now she is a life coach. Please don't interpret this as meaning that babysitting for us led to her awesomeness...but it would sure be cool to think that! lol

She was the best babysitter ever, so I bet she is the best life coach there is! I am so very blessed that someone has sponsored my attendance. I can't wait to see Debbie again for the first time in decades, and to fellowship and network with other women. It is going to be a fulfilling and enriching time.

A friend asked me to go to Cincinnati this weekend. I love Marriott hotels, and this one was so pretty! Check out the first two pics, taken from the Marriott website. This indoor gazebo is 7 stories tall. In the lower picture, that wall is made of marble, and is actually a water wall. I love water features and thought this was outstanding. The final is a view of the Ohio River and the Cincinnatti skyline from the Kentucky shore of the river.

My next big news is that I am moving again! My lease was up February 1, and I started getting the itch to move again. I am very disappointed in my landlord because I was promised the attached garage, and I was never allowed access. It would have provided me a 3rd bedroom, since it is divided into an office area, and storage. I would also have been able to lose my storage unit and it's expense, and be able to put my things in my own garage for storage.

That's just a little preview of something the previous tenant left at my new place! It is also a two bedroom, but a little bigger. I will have a small porch area in front, a really nice patio with fence in the back, a one car heated garage with some storage, a beautiful kitchen with a dishwasher, and my own master bathroom! That has always been my dream to have my own bathroom, but it has never happened. I was spoiled by having a half bath at the house on Bonnie Lane, but it wasn't off of my room, and we have all been sharing a bath in this apartment.

I am moving in just under two weeks and can't wait to show you all my new home!

In my house, there are always a few "things that make you go 'hmmm'." I came home yesterday and found the dog on my son's laptop. I hope he wasn't downloading any puppy porn!

I also found this ceramic bird sporting lips. When did this happen? I didn't know birds had lips!

You never know what you'll find with my boys around!

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Blondie's Journal said...

I hope you have fun when you come to Chicago. If there is anything I can help you with or recommend to you, let me know!

I'm excited for you moving. It sounds like a much better situation and you sound positive and happy! And I have to tell you I had quite a giggle over the bird with the lips! ;-)


Justine said...

Wow Kady, you've got some great news here! Going to Chicago to see your old babysitter should be a blast!

Marriotts really ARE great hotels, and I say that from experience. Both Jimmy and I worked for them and their quality control is amazing.

I want to see the new place!!! Beautiful kitchen? Porch? Patio? Master bath? Sounds heavenly!!!

Justine :o )

Gweny said...

Puppy Porn.. OMG That cracked me up. (I'm easily amused) Have fun in Chicago and congrats on new home.