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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tablescape Thursday/Everyday Tablescape

Welcome to another Tablescape Thursday! I haven't participated in quite a while, but I felt it was about time that I shared my every day tablescape with you. For the last few months, this is what my table has looked like. Nothing fancy this time, just giving you a glimpse into how I like my table looking all the least for now.

But before I start, how many of you have thought about the most basic element of tablescaping...the table on which your pretties all sit? I have a table that looks very similar to this table, except my chairs are different.

In fact, my chairs don't even all match, though they did when I first bought them. I found many more beautiful kitchen tables, at Dining Rooms Direct,a division of CSN. Yes, this is a teaser for an upcoming product review that I will be doing! Anyhow, please do check out that site for all the gorgeous dining sets they have there.

It's true though. The table on which you set your beautiful things is important to setting the mood in your dining room or kitchen. I LOVE my table, and have had it for years now.

My current tablescape all started with this pretty placemat. I found four of these at Walmart on sale for $1.50 each. I love the warm reds and golden yellows. It went really well with the table runner that I had purchased online a few years back on eBay.

I had purchased the goldent yellow tablecloth for $5 at Wally World last fall and used it at Thanksgiving. To this, I added my white Gibson dishes, and dark red salad plates, also from Walmart for about $1.50 each. I used my everyday eating utensils.

I have used my grandmother's milk glass glasses for many tablescapes.

I got the iron stars at a home party years ago. I don't know where I would get them any more these days. They are designed to be candle holders, but were originally architectural in purpose. I love stars, which are a big theme in my decorating.

I didn't get elaborate with the tablescape, but felt that I needed a little something extra. I added a red candle with an apple scent, and this little yellow duck that I found at Goodwill. It was originally part of a set that was sold through Home Interiors. I found it for much cheaper at GW!

He makes me feel that this tablescape is just "ducky!"

Ok, I'll stop with that for now!

Please do check out other tablescapes, hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. This is such a fun weekly event!

Perhaps one day soon I'll get a little bored with this table setting and do something new. Until then, see you!


Debra from Bungalow said...

You have a pretty table with the colors of Fall. I love the milk glass and the plaid napkins are the perfect touch. Very nice!

Anita said...

I love all those colors over the yellow/gold tablecloth. I also love the milk glass, and the runner. I love the whole table!!

Mimi said...

Very pretty table, I like that aubergine color, great for fall.

Tess said...

Your placemats are beautiful and the whole colorscheme is gorgeous!

bj said...

Love all your colors you used for your prety table.
I, too, am doing a review for CSN..this is the 4th..well, I've had 3 giveaways and now a review. I LOVE THAT has everything you would ever want, I think.
hugs, bj

Tricia@The Dull and the Dutiful said...

Thanks for the link to the dining table store on CSN! I have been searching for just the right one. Your table looks very inviting -- plaid napkins are so welcoming!

Barbara said...

I just love getting a glimpse into everyday tables. This looks just lovely. I sometimes wonder if I really love my table or I just love all the memories created around it. Every time I think about changing it, I just can't stand the thought.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

So good to see you here again -- and I looked back and saw that you have a new sweetheart in your life too -- how wonderful! Love your pretty table -- I've admired those same placemats at Walmart myself -- they're quite pretty on your table.

SmilingSally said...

CSN asked me to do a review too; I chose not to, but it seems that so many are doing this.

I'm so glad that you're back in Blogland, Katy. (I'm glad that you and Mike found each other!)

Entertaining Women said...

Mixing patterns always makes me smile, and you've done a wonderful job of combining patterns and colors. I'll be interested to read your review on tables. I've had my eye out for a small (42"+/-) round pedestal table with a leaf, so it can seat 6 if desired. I find plenty of small round tables, but so far, none with the leaf. I want to use it in our breakfast room with a small French loveseat and two chairs. Some day I'll find it! Thank you for sharing yo ur charming design. Cherry Kay

Donnie said...

Everything looks so good together. Very nice. I have a similar table but it is round with drop-leaf's. I had to put wedges under them because the grands kept knocking them down expectantly.