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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Product Review for CSN stores/ New Lamp

As many of you online have done, I accepted a gift certificate to CSN stores in exchange for a product review.

And just look at the gorgeous thing that was delivered last week!

I am so in love with this Fangio Country Table Lamp in red.

The gift certificate I was sent was for $40. Now, I had really been wanting a lamp for my black end table as it sits between two chairs, and I didn't have a good reading light. Well, I won't even get into my recent financial situation, but it was just not in the cards for me to be able to buy a lamp.

So when I spied this in their clearance section, my heart did a little flip-flop! This lamp was PERFECT! I was beyond excited to rip open the box and pull out my new treasure.

My kids were more excited about the bubble wrap.

Got to admit, its one of my favorite stress releasers too.

I am so pleased at how pretty this lamp looks in my home. It matches so well with all the other red that I have in my living room.

I am thrilled beyond words with this product.

It came in the mail VERY quickly after I ordered it, and shipping was free! You'll never guess what the cost for this lamp was....$34! The reason for this was because it was on clearance due to having been returned. I cannot imagine any reason that this was returned, because it was just fine. There was not a single thing wrong with it. For anyone else to buy it though, it's going to cost you $84.99, but even that is a markdown from the original price of $164.97. What an amazing bargain I got!

The only negative I could find was the packaging, but this is because someone else returned it to CSN stores, and they did not repackage it before they sent it to me. Also, the original owner's invoice was in the box, as was her address, but the invoice part, that would have been her fault, not the company's. However, the lamp was still securely packed and arrived safely, and the lamp was absolutely just like new. I wonder if the first person had even put it together and turned it on! Didn't look like it. I am very, very pleased, and will be happy to spend my own money someday to purchase from CSN stores.

Disclaimer: Though I did receive a product for free in exchange for this product review, the opinions stated here are my own. I was not influenced in any way by CSN stores as to what I should say about the product. This product review is my own honest evaluation of the product I received.

If you are one of the lucky bloggers who are emailed an offer from CSN stores, I highly encourage you to go for it. I am so happy that I did!


Cass @ That Old House said...

What a sweet table lamp! Now go to the library and get a REALLY good book and settle in for a good read.
With a good light.

Justine said...

Oh wow, that lamp is SO you, Kady!!! I just spent my $75 at CSN, and guess what I got? A pair of slippers! I shit you not. I spent $75 on a pair of SLIPPERS!

Justine :o )

Donnie said...

Maybe the color wasn't what they were looking for. It seems like you scooped out a great bargain there. It's lovely and looks like good quality. I'm going to look around their website. Thanks

I do and they give bloggers books in return for a honest review and I think you earn it. It's not easy to write 200 word book reports at my

bj said...

Hope you picked up a good book at the thrift store so you can read under your BEAUTIFUL NEW R.E.D. LAMP. Oh, it is so so pretty, Kady.
I am thrilled to death that you found it. I sure would have bought it in a New York minute!! Just beautiful.

My items are on the way...I got 2 with the $65.00 gift card. I can not WAIT to get them and show them to you.
How fun is all this!! I love that CSN store so much, I wanna marry it. :))

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

It's beautiful!

I just spent $100 at CSN in exchange for a review, so I should be getting my goodies any day now! :-)