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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Crazy Weekend!

I've had a crazy weekend! First of all, my youngest boy got sick. Poor baby!

He started feeling unwell Wednesday evening, but went to school on Thursday. He wasn't feeling well at all and went right to bed. Somehow in the latest move, I lost my thermometer, but his forehead felt pretty warm. I didn't think too much of it. As of Friday, he was still feeling under the weather and couging a lot too. He also had a sore throat, congestion, and overall body aches. I was able to get him into the doctor early afternoon.

At first, they thought it might be strep throat or mono, but he had his nose swabbed, and he tested positive for flu.

So is it the piggy flu? I don't know because unless he would get so sick that he had to go to the hospital, they won't test. He also isn't in the "cluster group" of individuals being tested for H1N1.

He was prescribed Tamiflu and is feeling a little better today, but is still not well. I am asking prayers for his full recovery! And also that my other son and I don't get infected. I cannot chance getting sick as I could expose my teen client to the flu. It is very important that he not catch any diseases involving the respiratory system as his lungs are already compromised.

Remember my house on Bonnie Lane? It went to sherrif's auction and I had to finish getting everything out. We hadn't done much of that this summer as for the majority of the summer, we were hoping for a loan modification. Also, a company had come during this time to lock down the house and winterize it.

Well, I was to meet someone there at 9 a.m. Friday morning so that we could have access to the house to get everything out. This was a great plan until I got called into work the night before. So after working 3rd shift, we had to start packing up the rest of our things. This was interrupted by the doctor visit, and returns home for bathroom breaks and to check on the sick boy. By 7:00 p.m., I couldn't take any more, so I called the realtor and asked if we could return on Saturday.

It took several more hours today, several trips to the storage unit, and many more things sorted through, packed and moved, but we get everything out.

So this is what my living room looks like now. Yikes! Why oh why am I such a packrat? Some of those boxes will also be going into storage, but it was too dark to go there after we packed the van full.

Okay, call me crazy, but I cleaned the house as well as I could using Lysol wipes, since we didn't have water there, we vacuumed, and even took all the bags of trash to the garage. I just had way to much love for that home and too much self pride to leave it a mess like so many people do after they lose their house to foreclosure.

I sure hope that a nice family loves the house on Bonnie Lane as much as I did, but tonight I said my good-byes. It's easier than it might have been because I love our new home so much.

As for me, I am heading to bed and sleeping in tomorrow! I deserve the rest.


Helen said...

Dear Cady ..... give your son a huge hug from me and keep up your amazingly strong attitude regarding life, homes and work!

bj said...

Oh, breaks my heart to know you losst the dream house you were so proud of. I am so sorry. I do love your winner attitude, dear one.
I hope your boy is feeling much better by now.
we are all trying not to get that ole piggy flu!!
hugs, bj