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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tablescape Thursday/Thanksgiving Table

The house is mostly clean, dinner is already made (by the supermarket-I just have to heat it), and the table is set. I'm all ready for Thanksgiving...except that its still Wednesday! I still have to go in to work tonight, so I can't make any blog visits, but I hope to catch up and do some visiting with all of you this weekend!

This is my table setting for Thanksgiving, and yes, we are going to eat off of it just like this.

I searched for a golden-y yellow tablecloth, and walked into Walmart, and there they had them up front for only $5! Hooray!

I couldn't afford to get place mats, although I saw many beautiful ones on sale in the local stores. I figured that I would just use the green ones that I've had for years, but when I was searching for them, I found these large napkins that I purchased last year at Goodwill! I had forgotten all about them. I mixed them with the green since I didn't have enough.

The white dishes are from Gibson, and I added paper dessert plates and paper napkins for convenience.

Here is the same setting but with the green placemats. They didn't look too bad mixed with the patterned mats.

Since it's Thanksgiving, I needed pilgrims! I had these from last year.

Here are the boy and girl ones up close. They have little pumpkin and cinammon stick candles from Yankee Candles. I bought them half price years ago, then lost them, then found them when I moved, then lost them again, but found them this year. Hooray again!

For the back of the table, I used my urn from my Halloween tablescape, but set a gourd with foliage in it. This was an arrangement I found at Joann Fabric. I purchased it new at full price, but justified it by being able to get an additional item for free! You've seen the floral spray at the bottom before in another tablescape

I hurried back to Dollar Tree to get a full set of six of these beautiful glasses. I think they are perfect for Thanksgiving because they say Family, Friends, Home, on them.

While browsing through Goodwill for things I could use for my Thanksgiving table, I found this fabric basket. It originally held napkins, which were no longer with it when I found the basket, but I figured it would be perfect for biscuits. Right now it holds a square Anchor Hocking dish in amber, but I can remove that if I need it for something else. It's a perfect match with the placemats. The basket was only $2, and the dish was $3.

I also found this amber colored pitcher for $3. Forgot to take a close up of the amber colored bowl, also $3 which is presently holding some green apples.

I got this glass pumpkin last year and filled it with pumpkin scented potpourri.

My table already looks and smells good. I can't wait to put it to good use tomorrow when I am surrounded by my children!

To check out more tablescapes on Tablescape Thursday, head on over for a visit to Susan at Between Naps on the Porch." Speaking of naps, I'm heading off to take a quick one before I go into work tonight!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving filled with love!


Joyce said...

Sounds like you had fun making up your table this year for Thanksgiving. Enjoy the time with your family.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Your family is so going to enjoy all the effort you have gone through for them. If you hadn't told me those were napkins, I would have thought they were placemats! And you really scored on the tablecloth! I have found a lot of cute placemats at the Dollar Tree. I found plaid ones this summer, but they weren't fall colors. But I think those glasses say it, friends, and home. PERFECT. That is the crowning touch to your table.

Wishing you both a Happy Tablescape Thursday and a Happy Thanksgiving. Sounds like you are well on your way to both!


Sheila :-)

Julie said...

Hi Kady, Great Thanksgiving table...Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Family my Friend

Phyllis AROUND THE HOUSE said...

Great table and I love the glasses too, I grabbed those up at Dollar Tree, they are so perfect aren't they...The goodwill is a great place to stock up on those items you purchased, what a good eye..

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Kady
I hope Stella doesn't see this post or she will be asking to come back to you for another visit! Your tablescape looks beautiful. I hope you eat well and have fun today.
Stella is on the move again. I am so excited about where she will she will be spending Christmas this year.
Best Wishes

Mimi said...

You have a lovely Thanksgiving table. ♥ your centerpiece!

Diann said...

Hi Kady!

Looks like you got everything all ready and it looks wonderful! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

bj said...

Hi, sweet friend, Kady..
Your table is just beautiful. You did so good..
I hope your holiday was's always good to get a day off from work!!
I hope things are going good for you.\
hugs, bj

Neabear said...

Your tablescape looks wonderful. A pleasant place to eat a meal. I had to laugh at how you kept losing and finding your candles. Too funny! I hope you can keep track of them now.