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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Scramble/Valentine's Day? Bah humbug!

I am participating again this week in the Sunday Scramble originated and sponsored by Justine of Stupid is as Sister Does.

Sunday Scramble is a weekly event that gives you permission to just be very random in your posting. I like it because I just don't have as much time to post these days, and I can get a week or two worth of stuff in one post.

Then without delay, and before I get to the juicy stuff of Valentine's Day humbugginess, please let me once again invite you to visit my business blog, the Primp and Pamper Blog.

There, two friends and myself will be telling you about Tahitian Noni International products. I swear, the Noni Juice and Nature Born vitamins are changing my life! And the beauty products are far superior to any other that I've tried...and believe me, I've been a brand-loyal person, but no more since I found this great stuff.

I'm psyched because I entered a contest at my local newspaper to write a caption for this picture of Lady Gaga at the Grammy Awards. Now those of you who have read my past critiques of red carpet styles no that I am am no stranger to snark, so I came up with the following caption...

"NEWS BULLETIN:Mattell recalls its famous toy after Lady Gaga becomes tragically ensared in a giant Slinky prior to the Grammy Awards show."

And guess what? The newspaper thought that I had the number 1 caption out of 23 entries. Woohoo! What do I win? Nothing! But just knowing that they thought it was the funniest is enough for me. If you want to check out the other captions, you can go to this link.

I still haven't taken down my Christmas tree.

I am looking for another place to live. My lease is almost up, and I never did get the garage that I was promised...which is attached to my apartment! It is divided in half; one part is an office space that I could use as a 3rd bedroom or as a music/office room for the boys, and the other half is for storage. We are a little too cozy here, and a lot of my possessions are across town in storage (hence the reason I haven't packed up the tree yet). This week I found the most incredible duplex apartment. Three bedrooms, two full baths, huge walk in closet, two car garage. Oh my! It made my mouth water and my heart flutter to see this place. Adding together the cost of my current rent and what I pay for storage, this place would be $90 a month more than what I pay now. They said they would get back to me on whether or not I can have my dog there. If not, then no deal. But oh! I want that place! It would be perfect.

Okay. Here it comes. I am uncharacteristically really, really pissed today. I am back to feeling very anti-Valentine's Day. If you missed last year's post, check it out at this link.

I had the potential for three dates this weekend, two that I could actually take seriously. The one that I couldn't take seriously was the man who would have been willing to fly here from Philadelphia if I would send him some deep cleavage pics so that he would know if I really had big boobs. Well he didn't get pics, so that was a no go. Then there was the artist from Toledo who has said he would like to meet me, but I didn't get back to him in time, mostly because I was finally going to actually get to meet a man I have been talking to for YEARS!

Arrangements had been made to meet halfway. We were in the middle of making plans as to where to meet, I had the car ready to go, was dressed, made up and perfumed. I was just waiting for his call to say where we should meet. We were both full of anticipation at finally getting to meet after all this time. I was waiting for him to call back....and nothing. I finally called him and he said he didn't think we should meet. WTF?

I am so beyond annoyed at the men that pull this kind of crap. Maybe I should say BOYS! These guys need to put on their big boy pants and quit being such chicken shits. If they have issues, then they need to get healthy before they get any notions about meeting up with me because I am SO OVER this stuff!

I don't think that love should be this elusive. I don't think that actually MEETING someone should be this elusive! I have looked beyond the internet. I'm not good with the idea of meeting men at church, because sadly, I have never seen that work out well. I have seen the very WORST marriages that come out of church matchmaking. Some have been child molesters! Yes! Sadly, the last church that I attended had higher divorce rates than the outside world, and an even higher rate of divorce among the church's elders and deacons.

Last week I went out to socialize with friends, but had nary a look from any men. I was dressed really nicely, but NOPE. I even got out and danced and that was a lot of fun, but it was interesting to watch the mating behavior. Case in point, I ran into a friend's niece who was at the club with her husband. She is slender and had on a V-neck sleeveless top that showed a lot of cleavage for her perky boobies. She was dancing for quite some time with another friend's adult son, but as soon as he moved away, she was absolutely mobbed by 4 different guys. She flashed her wedding ring and covered her mouth when one tried to kiss her, but they still all tried to dance all over her. Though she and I were dancing together, they didn't even look at me. Sure, I didn't let my "girls" all hang out, and I won't, but I wasn't covered up to my neck either. There was a mix of men of all ages too, so it's not like I went someplace where there were only younger men.

So anyhow...BAH HUMBUG on Valentine's Day! Maybe next year will be different.


Blondie's Journal said...


I think I would do well to blog on the Sunday Scramble since all my posts are big scrambles. I had a really BIG laugh over your caption for Lady Gaga. She really does leave herself wide open for snarking!! (?) Actually, she is a really pretty lady!

I really like this post! :-)


Justine said...

Yeah Kady, I agree, Valentine's day sucks and hell, I'm married! But, that's probably the problem! LOL!

How about joining groups like book clubs and such? Maybe that would open more relationship doors?

Okay, I really really really hope you get that new place! It will be so excited to move with you again!!!

Thanks for joining, and OMG, your Lady Gaga caption is priceless!

Justine :o )

Jean Tuthill said...

I love the Lady Gaga caption! So true!, that's why it's so funny! Hang in there, You'll meet someone, and not just because you have cute boobs, those guys are not worth anything....I know!