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Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Tale of a Farting Dog

Today I thought I would share one of my favorite books with you. It's a book that has made me laugh over and over again.

When I was interning for my human services degree, I worked with elderly folk who had problems with depression and anxiety. I really enjoyed that time. I had wonderful preceptors who taught me much. At the end of my internship, they decided to give me a present. It was not at all what I expected, but I loved it! (In case you're wondering, they saw me looking at the book durding a Book Fair at the hospital. This has nothing to do with the time I accidentally had a poof squeeze out during a meeting with them!)

Here it is...the tale of Walter the Farting Dog:
This is a book by William Kotzwinkle and Glenn Murray. Illustrations are by Audrey Colman. It says in the beginning that this book is for anyone who's ever felt misjudged or misunderstood.

Look for the little spider in each one of the illustrations!

Betty and Billy brought Walter home from the dog pound. "Nobody wanted him," said Billy.

"But we love him," said Betty.

"Well he smells awful, said their mother. "I think you'd better give him a bath first."

Mother walked in and said, "He smells awful." And that's when they got the first clue. The tell-tale bubbles in the water.

"He's probably just a little nervous," said Mother, hopefully. "His stomach must be upset."

But Walter's stomach wasn't upset. Walter's stomach was fine. He felt perfectly normal. He just farted a lot.

He did it when he bathed. He did it when he played with Betty and Billy. He did it when he walked around the house.
He did it in the dining room. He did it in the kitchen. And he did it in his sleep.
"That dog farts morning, noon, and night," said Father.

"He can't help it, Daddy," said Betty and Billy. They didn't mind Walter's farts.

"So what if he farts," Billy said to Betty when they were alone in their room with Walter. Betty agreed. Walter agreed too. He sat there looking innocently around, farting.

"Take him to the vet," said Father.

"Farting," said the vet, "or rectal flatulence, as we say in the medical profession," and prescribed a change in diet. (Hey Buffie, does this remind you of anything? Hehehe!)
They gave Walter every kind of dog food. He farted. They tried him on cat food. They gave him hot dogs, hamburgers, and lettuce and tomato sandwiches.
They gave him fried chicken. They gave him rabbit food. They made him a vegetarian.

"No matter what that dog eats, he turns it into farts," roared Father.

Walter got the blame for everybody else's farts too. If Uncle Irv let one slip, he just went and stood near Walter.

Then all he had to say was, "Walter!" And everyone would look at poor Walter.

"He has to go back to the pound," said Father.

"No, Daddy, please," begged Betty and Billy. "Don't send Walter away."

"He goes tomorrow," said Father. They pleaded. Walter farted.

It was all over. That night, Betty and Billy cried in their beds, and Walter looked at them unhappily.

"Oh Walter," said Betty, "you've got to stop farting."

"Because Father is going to send you back to the pound tomorrow," said Billy.

Walter knew how serious the situation was. He'd never see Betty and Billy again. He resolved to hold in his farts forever. When Betty and Billy fell asleep, he walked down to the kitchen to see if there was anything around to eat. He managed to open the cupboard door with his nose and found the 25-pound bag of low-fart dog biscuits the vet had prescribed for him, which had made him fart more. Even though he knew they made him fart more, he couldn't resist. He ate the entire bag. "Very tasty," said Walter to himself."
And then he went and lay down on the sofa. A gigantic gas bubble began to build insided him.

"This is going to be trouble," he said to himself, nervously. He was afraid of what might happen if he let it go. He thought maybe the house would explode. So he kept it in. It wasn't easy. In fact, it was torture. But he had resolved never to fart again. His future depended on it. As he lay there, with his tail wrapped tightly between his legs, he heard a noise at the window.

He watched it slowly. A pair of burglars came through. They dropped silently into the kitchen.

"Watch out for the dog," said on of the burglars.

"He won't bite," said the other, "He's a wimp."

Walter might have bitten them, except he was so filled with gas he couldn't move. They tied a rag around his snout so he couldn't bark.

"Okay," whispered the first burglar, "let's clear the place out."

They took everything they could get their hands on. Walter wanted to stop them but he was having unbearable gas pains. He rolled on his back, and waved his paws in the air. He gnashed his teeth.

"We've got it all," said the second burglar.

That's when Walter let it fly. It was the worst fart of his life. It made a tremendous noise and shot him across the room. A hideous cloud filled the air. The burglars clutched their throats, unable to breathe.

With tears in their eyes, they raced for the window. They tried to grab their bag with all the valuables in it, but their arms were too weak.


They jumped out the window and ran up the block, choking and gasping for air. Still blinded by Walter's attack, they stepped into the headlights of an approaching police car.

"Hold it right there!" said the policeman.

When Mother and Father came down in the morning, they found the open window. And they saw the bag with their valuables in it. And Walter was sitting beside it. He still had the rag tied around his snout. You'd have to say he looked heroic.

"He saved the silverware!" cried Mother.

"He saved the VCR!" cried Father. "Good dog, Walter! You're our dog, even if you do fart all the time."

And so the family learned to live with Walter, the hero dog.

And that's the end of our tail.

The End!

Wasn't this the best story? I urge you to go out and buy it for yourself (or your kids or grandkids) if you really like it.

I had so much fun reading this to the elderly people in the group and they laughed and laughed. It still makes me laugh every time, especially when Walter farts so hard, he blows himself and the cat off the couch.

This is so my kind of humor!


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Kady!
That is soooo funny!! I love it, I've got to find that book!!!
Hugs, Sherry

Raxx - A day in the life said...

This has my son's two most favorite topics at the moment, dogs and farting!!

This was really funny, i lol while reading!

Smilingsal said...

lol We had a dog once... he may have been the inspiration for the book.

Woo... you couldn't be in the same room! But, we loved him.

Thanks for sharing, Kady.

Buffie said...

ROFLMAOPIMP!!!!!!! Oh how I feeeeel for Walter!!!!! LOL!!!!!! Thanks for the laugh!!! Does that me y'all will keep me too!?
Buffie : )

Bridget said...

Our old dog was an SBD but our current pup will look at her butt if she lets one rip. It's pretty funny...thank goodness they are rare!

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

OMG, Kevin would love this book. What a hoot!
I like the Meow Chow best...

nikkicrumpet said...

I can't believe somebody wrote that book lol. My kids definitely don't need that kind of encouragement lol...and to be honest...neither does my HUBBY LOL

Somewhere In Time- Christie (yardsalequeen) said...

Good Dog Walter! You got rid of the bad guys! LOL...Oh that is a funny story...I bet the old folks did get such a kick out of it. Farts are quite funny aren't they?They sure are around our house...yep, it's our kinda humor!
Have a great weekend!

Shelia said...

Kady, that book is hilarious!! I've got to get one! I loved it!!
Thanks for sharing!! We had a little Boston Terrier once who passed gas and when she did, she'd turn her head to fast to look at her bottom as if to say, 'where'd that come from?' Gotta love those farts!!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

oh my, my friend Cindy will be crying when she reads this.....she loves things like this.

Raxx - A day in the life said...

Kady I just read this to my kids! Oh they howled with enjyment!! Now I have to read it again, and again............

Anonymous said...

Well, this has to be the funniest post I have ever read.

Anonymous said...

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