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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Busy Saturday

It's been a busy weekend so far. Yesterday was a gorgeous day, temps in the high 60s and sunshine. I got into a cleaning mood, and on the rare occasions it strikes, I better go for it. People who know me know that I hate to clean. To me, it is a necessary evil and nothing enjoyable about that. The only things I really don't mind are doing laundry and vacumming.

Here was my list of things I actually accomplished: 5 loads of laundry (mmm, love the smell of freshly laundered clothes and towels), cleaned upstairs tub and shower, cleaned downstairs half bath, cleaned fabric shower curtain and shower curtain liner, cleaned downstairs bath, picked some lilacs, went through piles of papers to throw out or recycle, went grocery shopping, went to Menards to get deck cleaner and stain, and then to Joanne Fabrics. I had fun at Joanne Fabrics. I recently got a rattan chair for free and was looking at pretty fabrics and cushions for it. It's a To Do List project. It needs to be spray painted first, but it was just too windy yesterday.

Here are a couple half price finds at the store. Got them each for only $5!

I loved this cute little bird! I've been wanting a bird to put out somewhere on my deck or in the garden.
And here is an adorable bird nest. It will probably go into my living room when I get that around. Also got a tablecloth for half price for Memorial Day!
Another task that I tried to accomplish yesterday was sweeping off my patio. It was full of these little "helicopter" thingies that kept falling from the maple tree. As soon as I finished, it looked like I hadn't done a thing as they had continued to fall. Hopefully, they are about done so I can get it swept, and maybe next week stained.

My oldest son came to visit with one of his friends. They took my youngest boy to the theater with them where they watched Ironman. They asked if I wanted to come too. Awww! I considered it since Robert Downey, Jr. was starring, but I opted for some peace and quiet. My son is moving back home May 30 after living with his dad for the last year. Yay!

Hope everyone else is having a productive and peaceful weekend!


bj said...

My neighbor has a hugh maple tree in her yard and for years now, my grandkids have collected the little helicopters and played with them by the hour. They are all getting too big to "play" except for one little, tiny 6 yr old...she still loves them....
hugs, bj

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

You were very productive! I am not a cleaning fan either, but one on a roll alot gets done...Hope the coming week is great for you.

Rue said...

I love the little bird and the nest :) My husband loves those little hellicopter thingies LOL


Deb said...

Hi Kady, you're making me tired just reading about the house work. I love the sale items you found, especially the bird. Those little hellicopter things, to show you how much I know, I thought they were wings from some insect.LOL! I'm glad I don't have any because I guess I would have been afraid to go outside. :O) Have a great evening. Deb

Donna Lynn said...

Hi there!
Hope you had a lovely Monday! We are having gorgeous weather and I have been outside in it every second!
Those helicoper thingys could be gathered up and put into an apothacary jar!!! :)
Just a random thought...
So happy your son is coming home, bet your excited!

Donna lynn

Betty Jo said...

I looked all over today for a little bird like yours and didn't find a thing. Did you find yours at a chain store that might be near me? xoxo

Justine (Justwaaaa) said...

OMG, the helicopter things from a maple tree! I remember those from my childhood in NY. Me and my friend Sinead used to pull them off the tree, and if you pull them apart near that seed looking thing it's kind of sticky in there, so we'd stick them to our noses!