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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Today's lucky finds!

Since tomorrow is Mother's Day, I decided to get myself something. My children are great, but I haven't received a present from them in years, so I take it upon myself to gift myself! I found a couple things that I just loved, so snatched them up.

Here is a gorgeous cup and saucer. I love the pink and the beautiful flowers! I've been collecting porcelain plates here and there over the years, but thought some cups and saucers would be pretty too. This is my second set so far.

When I saw this on the wall, I couldnt' resist! The picture of the young girl just compels me. Is it the pretty dress? Mind you, in those days you or your mother sewed your clothes. You didn't just buy them off the rack unless you were rich! Maybe its the way she is clutching the Bible in her hands. Perhaps its the big bows in her hair or the large corsage. It might even be the beautiful window behind her. What I wouldn't give for one of those!
No, I think its the thoughtful expression on her pretty face. I wonder what women thought back then? Was she dreaming of her future husband? Was it a special day such as her birthday? Pictures weren't taken just for fun like they are today - they had to be for something special or significant. Maybe she was dreaming of her life to be. Would she be a wife and mother? Maybe a teacher? Maybe she would be the first woman to break out of her traditional roles and expectations? Make note of that tiny waist! Maybe she was just thinking, "I'm hungry!" lol
Not only is the picture of the girl wonderful, it had the perfect frame in a shabby mint green! When I eventually get my living room around, it will be great in that room.

It's such a gorgeous sunny day in the low 60's here in northwest Ohio. I'm going to go out and about and relish the rest of this beautiful day! Have a wonderful day as well!


Rue said...

Hi Kady :)

I love that teacup, but that picture is precious! I always wonder what they were thinking too ;)

Have a beautiful Mother's Day!

Donna said...

Ohhh, what a great post! LOL I love looking at old photos and wondering, like you, about their lives. I love your comment about her tiny waist and maybe she's hungry! LOL A very happy mother's day to you! It's beautiful here in New England as well! We spent the afternoon picking out some plants and flowers for the backyard, which is getting a major overhaul! Enjoy your special day tomorrow!...Donna (An Enchanted Cottage)

Donna Lynn said...

Good evening Kady,
I am so happy for that you had lovely weather there today! We had crappy cold weather again...opps, I shouldn't of said that, it didn't sound nice! :( So anyhoo, we had this crappy cold weather, oh! oh!, did it again...better change the subject huh?
Love your sweet picture, I was looking at her small waist line...I bet she was sitting there wishing that photographer would hurry the heck up so she could go home and rip off that dress and corset and take a deep breath again! Well thats my take on her expresssion for what it's worth...
Have a lovely Mothers Day, I too buy my own Mothers Day gifts, this year it was from Ronda at check out my awesome window she did for me, it's on a recent post of hers.

Big hugs,
Donna Lynn

Deb said...

Hi Kady, that is a lovely teacup and saucer, and the picture of the young lady is beautiful. Deb

The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Kady you better hide all of your china! I will find Bonnie Lane, lol! I collect too, and am picky... and it looks like you got all the good stuff, *snort*!
The photo is lovely. Looks to be a confirmation pic from about 1910.
Is the glass domed? I need to come shop with you!