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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Return of the not-so-prodigal son

I think that ghosts have moved into my house!

Today I found an empty milk jug and empty container of tea sitting on my table. I just bought them Monday evening!
Here is a mysterious load of dirty laundry that I found on top of my washer...not in it as you might suppose it would be. There are more piles of dirty clothes in my family room.
Yikes! These must be dirty ghosts! Look what they did to this once clean bedroom! That used to be a nicely made bed.

Somebody call Haz Mat!
I would post pics of my empty refridgerator, but that would mean a second call to the HazMat Unit.

Oh wait. I think I was wrong about scary messy ghosts! It's just my oldest son who moved back in this weekend! He does look just a bit scary here though.
Sean has not lived under my roof since February 2007. At that time, I moved to this house to be closer to my job. It was 30 miles away from my old house.
He chose to stay in his hometown as he was finishing out his senior year, so he moved in with his dad and step-mom. When school ended, he opted to stay as he would be close to his church where he plays guitar on the praise and worship team, and he would be close to all of his best friends. Plus he didn't yet have a car or his license, and when he got a job, his dad and step-mom could provide transportation. Now they are moving to Texas to be closer to her family, so I told him that my door was wide open. I didn't buy a three bedroom home for nothing!
So I'll live with the empty milk jugs, empty fridge, dirty laundry and messy room. My baby boy is back home! And I'm happy.

P.S. He is still going to have to clean his room and have to do his own laundry! Do I look like the maid? lol


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Oh yeah,,,I raised four of those types of "ghosts" - lol...But I bet you are really happy to have him around again...

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Rhionda, You just have to call ghost busters!! I bet you're glad he's home. What's a little mess compared to having your kids at home. I'm jealous. My daughter lives in Texas. That's 16 hours away!! Sweet Dreams, Terrie

The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Oh you are so funny! Enjoy your *messy* time together while he's home.
(have I told you how much I covet the rose plate in your sidebar!?)

Deb said...

Hi Kady, Hilarious! I had to wonder for a minute if it was I that had drank all the milk and Ice tea, but was glad to see it was Sean. Well welcome home to Sean and what a great job he has in the Church, I love praise service. Now his secound job is not to bad either because I'm with you on the (No Maid Deal). Enjoy the homecoming! Deb

Mary said...

Oh, I think a little mess is worth it, no? I can't keep milk on the house when my son is home, either, but I DID manage to teach him to do his own laundry. Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Love it!! And I can so relate!! Ha ha!! Enjoy having your boy back under your roof :)...Donna

Sharon said...

You must be over the moon happy~ what a goos dson he is~ mess and all~S

Daniel Coutz said...

*sigh* I don't like him being so far away, but as long as he keeps visiting I guess its okay.

Rue said...

Oh yes... a ghost lives in my house too, but right now he's staying with grandma for a week, so she gets to enjoy the haunting ;)