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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Critters on Bonnie Lane

Here on the end of Bonnie Lane, you can find a number of different creatures!

Here are some birds in a tree. I love watching the birds. We have a nice variety from robins, sparrows and starlings, to cardinals, bluejays, wrens, and woodpeckers. There is even an eagle who nests further downstream! My son took the pic of the birds.

Last week we found a moth under our front porch light. How cool a find was this! Here he is near my red star.

Lately, we've been noticing a little woodchuck in the yard. Yes, I know they burrow and are destructive, but he is just the cutest little thing when he comes into my yard to eat. I think his burrow is on the riverbank. My son took these three pictures of the little guy.

Below is a little hedgehog I happened across under the bush next to my back patio. Oh wait, he's made of resin! He is so darn cute though that I wanted to include him.
We also had an indoor critter tonight. Yikes!!!!! I was sitting on the toilet when I saw this gargantuan wolf spider on my bathroom door. I swear, I first thought it was a miniature tarantula! It was the biggest wolf spider I had ever seen and every bit as big as this picture! Good thing I was already sitting on the toilet because I just about crapped myself.
He was near the door handle so I couldn't even open the door. I had to call for my son to open it slowly from the outside and I skedaddled out of there as quickly as I could! We found him on the outside of the door and sprayed him down with Raid, but he dropped to the floor and crawled off. I hope he met his untimely death of asphyxiation under my washer. The pic here was from Google images. I did not stop to take a picture of the nasty critter!
Ugh, after that horrid pic, I need something pretty to look at! Here is a peony in one of my flowerbeds.
And here is a picture of my driveway garden in early spring. I wish it still looked like this, but these were not flowers with long lives.
Let's hope the spider had a shorter life than these lovely flowers! There, now I feel a little bit better!
I may not be on much in the next couple of days. My youngest son is getting ready to go to Texas for 6 weeks with his father. This will be the first time that I have spent over a week away from my baby! More about that later. Have a great rest of the week!


Tootsie said...

okay....I will not be so interested in moving out of Alberta! we don't have snakes, or wolf spiders, or hedge hogs, or lots of the other scary stuff I have been hearing about all week! we have scary mice...but no rats, we have spiders...but not like that one!. I think there may be the odd garden snake...but I have not seen slugs count as critters? cause I have a butt load of those!
thanks for the read. see ya next time! yes...I will be commenting on your blog now. I used to just sneak in and read and run! lol

oh yes...I did my tag too!

The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Little Miss Muffet, sat on her tuffet, (er... toilet)....when down came a spider and sat down beside her and said, "Hey! don't forget to flush!" Sorry... I could NOT resist, lol!

I love the woodchuck! We have one too and Kevin always threatens to kill it... but I plea for his life. Cool moth and bird pic too!
Best wishes for lettin' your baby go for a while. I feel for ya!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Kady!
Great photos! The last one is so beautiful of all the flowers. The spider, YIKES! But it's good for people to know what they look like. Knowledge is a good thing!
Hugs, Sherry

Picket said...

Morning girl!!! Loved the birds and the flowers and the woodchuck but good grief..put a warning on here when you are about to show spiders!!! lol lol I literally jerked my hand away from the computer clicker!! lol lol I have seen those things so big your shoe couldn't cover them! ahhhhhhhh I can't stand it...ok.ok happy thoughts..happy thoughts!!!! lol lol Hope your little one has a great visit but I am sure he will really miss his mama. Have a great week sweetie!

CIELO said...

Hi Kady... love all your creatures... such a nature lover I am! :) I really enjoyed this post..., and by the way, I was looking at all those amazing pics of gardens/garden statuary... is this your garden? Just lovely!



KarenHarveyCox said...

I love all your critters, and your photographs are wonderful. Your blog is going on my sidebar, such a lovely place. Karen

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kady - I LOVE your little groundhog!! Aren't they just so sweet? I know a lot of people view them as nuisances... I was just born with a tender heart toward all animals...except that nasty spider... Holy cow, he was creepy looking! Well, we should arrange a playdate for our little hedgehogs! LOL I'm afraid mine has a big hole in his rear end from the winter, so now I have to keep his backside camouflaged by flowers... I loved all your photographs!!!...Donna

kat449 said...

Hey Kady, its me again, I tried emailing you but it came back as failed...twice! If I leave you my email addy would ya just send a 'Hi" over so I can have your correct return email addy? thanks so much.

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Thanks for sharing the critters in your neck of the woods!!! And the pretty flowers,too!
Hugs, Terrie

Classics and Country said...

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CIELO said...

Please come the house in the roses, we are having a garden party and would love you to particpate.... come see!


rosechicfriends said...

Oh I just love your critters...well all except that wolfy spider..I hate those!!!!...we had HUGE ones in Washington state that would crawl into the bathtub... I cooked them with hot water and then scoop them up and flush them down the toilet...oooops probably more that you would ever want to!

Hope you are doing well...have a great weekend..still plugging away in my NEW craft room...making progress tho! But..why does one major redo lead to 100 smaller ones?lol


Gato Azul | Chat Bleu said...

Thank you Kady (and thanks to your son too ;-P) That moth is BEAUTIFUL... and your pictures are lovely (I even could bear to look at the spider which is a feat in itself!) What is that red bush? It is lovely!

Deb said...

Kady I'm not fond of that spider at all, and not that fond of the little woodchuck that looks like a huge woodchuck to me. The flowers were so lovely and I'd like to leave with that picture in my mind. Deb

Rue said...

How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? ;) I love those critters! The spider story made me spit out my water LOLOL

rue :)

Justine (Justwaaaa) said...

Oh, this was sooooooooooo great. The woodchuck is adorable and that spider story was hilarious! I've been killing black and brown widow spiders left and right here, so consider yourself lucky!

Justine :o )