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Sunday, June 8, 2008

My weekend so far

My weekend started out a little shaky!

I was sitting at my computer visiting Rhondi's porch parties when I heard the siren go off! Oh my, this is the first I have heard something like that in a very long time, and the first time since I lived here! I looked out and the sky was very dark and gloomy. I would have taken a picture, but once I saw the sky, I became a big chicken! (Yeah, I know that's a penguin in a chicken hat but he was so cute!)
Uh oh, no basement here! I had pulled in the cushions from the deck so they wouldn't get rained on. I pulled one down into our little short hallway, put the dog in the crate in the utility room right across from us, and we hunkered down with more of the cushions to protect ourselves. I tried to be brave, but I was really scared.
Did I mention that when it comes to tornadoes, I'm really a scaredy cat? I have never witnessed one, but growing up, I was always the first to dash down to the basement. I took this serious though because of all the tornadoes sweeping the country. We had some fairly close by on May 31.
We were safe though. None touched down anywhere, but funnel clouds were spotted. The heavy gusts of wind of up to 70-80 miles per hour did create a lot of damage though. Lots of trees down and there are still people in the area without electricity.

This poor tree was completely uprooted and blocked the entire road! I love going down this street because of the pretty older homes and the tree tunnel. This was a healthy tree too. I looked at some of it when they were loading logs from it. It was probably 2 1/2 feet through, so it was big.
Here are two trees that came down at the college. Again, these were healthy trees! I am thankful that no trees landed on anyone and no one was hurt.

Saturday was beautiful. What's a girl to do who was so badly frightened the night before? Why go shopping of course! Look at what I found at a garage sale! I got all of this for just $16.75. Love the Warren Kimble pictures! I collect birdhouses too, and love the little red, green and blue basket. Those are the colors in my family room.
I also got an awesome bellows for just a buck there. I don't know if it's vintage, but it reminds me of the antique bellows my grandmother had at her cottage at the lake. Wish I had it now!
After the garage sale, I went to see my daughter. We went to a Goodwill store in her town, and I made some incredible finds! I was so happy. Just look at this beautiful quilt I found for $15! Yes, that is all it cost! And I think its a king size. It's from JC Penney's home collection. Did I need it? No! Did I have to have it? Yes!!! I think it would be wonderful in the spare bedroom that I will have if one of my kids moves out. Plus if I ever decide to do my living room or family room over, it would be great covering the couch.

Here it is after being washed. It didn't dry in the dryer, so I hung it out on the clothesline. I loved the way it looked swinging in the breeze, and it smelled glorious when I took it off the line!

I also found these pretty linens that I plan to lay over my end tables and coffee table in my living room someday.
I love the embroidered detail! I got all four for just $.50. That is for the whole lot of 4, not individually!

Here was my last big find...chair covers! I found three of these for just $4 a piece. I know I'll use them as I also have some chair covers in a pattern which will coordinate nicely. Here is the pattern up close. So very pretty and feminine!
It just blows me away that they sold all of the soft goods for these prices. There was not a mark or stain or tear anywhere on anything! I also bought a blouse for myself and some cute picture frames that I'll save to show another time. I bought my daughter a cute t-shirt and a Winnie the Pooh pillow. All in all, great finds! My daughter and I ended our jaunt by going to Dairy Queen for caramel Moo-lattes.

Even though I had some great buys, I am going to have to stop going shopping. I had a little extra money this month, but its time to start watching my pennies again, however, it is just too fun to decorate with garage sale and thrift store finds! It helps me make my house my home.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend! I didn't post the last few days as I was still visiting all the porches from Rhondi's Porch Party. If you haven't visited there, you really should because there was such wonderful porches and decks!

Tomorrow I'll be posting an award I received and I'll be passing it on to five of my favorite blogs. I also got tagged and will be sharing my answers. Too fun!


Lynn said...

Kady, I'm so glad you stopped by my blog. I'm glad to have found yours!

What scary weather. We had a tornado come over the house once and uproot a huge, very old black walnut. :( We were all okay though, so I had to be thankful.

I think shopping was, of course, the right thing to do. :)


Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Bonne!

Oh My! I am glad you are fine and what a scare you had! I have that same fear when it comes to earthquakes here in CA!!!!! Of course you can add me to your favorites! I would love you to visit more!


P.S. Glad you got some shopping in!

Sharon said...

What is up with this weather pattern~ floods to the left, tornadoes to the right and I am stuck in the middle....
I am gald to see you calmed your nerves with a little shopping therapy... stay safe~S

Diana Lyn said...

Hi Kady! Whoa! Take cover, glad your ok! My Son just moved to Oklahoma and has warnings almost everyday! Yikkes! He has had hail big as baseballs! lots of dents in the cars around there! Your Finds from the garage sale are great and that Quilt Oh MY! Lucky you! I am glad it went to a good home! Don't cha Almost feel guilty? NOT!!!!!! LOL Talk to you soon! XO Diana lyn

bj said...

There's been sooo much bad weather, too. Do you have an inside room with no a closet or something? These are supposed to be best in case of a tornado..we have an inside, walk in closet that I keep cleaned out good during storm season, JUST IN CASE...
Stay safe, bj

Joy said...

The tornadoes have been terrible this year. Sorry about the damage around you but glad you are o.k.
Congrats on your gsale finds!
I have stopped going to many since gas is so high :(

The Cozy Parsonage said...

Well I am sure glad you are okay! ANd what bargains you got-you can ship that quilt this away-it would be perfect on my porch!!!

Diane said...

I love hearing about bargains at garage sales, flea markets, etc.
Looks like you did great this week! I have been in a while, and looking at your finds makes me want to get up and start going again!

Glad you all were safe from the storm. Looks like it could have done lots of damage!
Diane@A picture is worth.....

Diane said...

Oh..I meant I haven't been in a while. Wish there was a way to edit posts. Guess there isnt!

The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Holy cow them was some big ol' trees! Glad no one was hurt.
Killer bargains, I'm going thru withdrawl.. I haven't been to a yardsale in a few years. With Nova it's just to hard with the car seat deal to stop at each one!
I always thought bellows were cool..
I have those same fruit napkins somewhere! Or something very close. I'll hafta look for em!

Cathy said...


I am so glad you were safe. I would have been scared to death. We don't have those here in MA, thank goodness. We just have big, big snow storms, Nor 'Easters.. they bring lots of wind and take down trees and street poles too.

I'm glad Saturday was a much better day.


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

How scary! I am glad you are ok...

Look at all the goodies you got! You did have a great day...

Kim said...

You had a busy weekend! We have had those weather related upsets in the past and I do not care to relive any of them. Takes a community a while to recover from the wind damage alone, can you imagine a tornado coming through?

On a happier, funner note, your thrift store finds are fun and time with your DD even better. I stuck close to home. Potted some flowers and puttered around the house. I don't need a thing shopping wise but I do have plenty to do around the house!!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Kady, I'm so glad you're okay! Those storms are scary!
And what a great way to calm down--shopping! I LOVE Goodwill and garage sales. They always make me happy!

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Hi! So glad you are okay! That looks like it was a scary storm! I dropped over to view your porch party post! Your porch is so charming and cozy looking! Love your little cherub that is just precious! ~Rhonda ;)

CIELO said...

Wow Kady, no wonder you are scare... I would be too, if a live in a place like that... not much of a Mother Nature adventures here; just long winters... but that's about it.

I'm glad you're safe


Anonymous said...

Hi Kady - how SCARY... I have a friend who lives in 'tornado country' and it scares me to even think about it! Well, you certainly got some real goodies!! Those chair covers and embroidered linens are beautiful!!...Donna

Deb said...

Kady I'm so happy that you had no problems in the storm, also you had such wonderful finds at the yard sale. I can't wait to see it all put together. Deb

Tootsie said...

good morning! I missed this entry as I was looking at my award! lol....anyways....I am happy that you are safe. I have seen many terrible storms here. I sit on the covered deck or in my greenhouse and cry. The hail pounds my gardens. If there is a tornado warning...I will take the kids and the super chicken (my dog) and go to the basement. I tend to have anxiety in a storm unless I can see what is going on. In a thunderstorm, I am best to be out in my greenhouse...that way I am not hyperventilating somewhere because I can't see what it is happening! I know...not a good habit!
At any rate, I am so glad that the damages were mninimal, and that you are safe
boy does it feel wierd to comment on here ...I am used to just reading and running!

Rue said...

Hi Kady :)

I'm so glad you weren't hurt. Those tornadoes scare the pants off me. Give me an earthquake anyday. Okay... maybe not, but still!

You found a whole lot of cuteness!