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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Stella at Swan Creek Candle Company

My daughter returned to Toledo on Thursday. I hated to see her go home, but she wanted to start unpacking all the boxes I took to her in her new apartment. On the way there, we passed the Swan Creek Candle Company. I have always wanted to stop in there, and asked my daughter if we should make the little side trip.

Swan Creek Candles are well known in this area. Believe me, they smell absolutely delicious, and I like the idea that they are made right there in Swanton, Ohio. They ship all over the country, and even to England and Ireland! I have purchased their candles before and they are wonderful.

Stella, Tara and I decided that we had to go on in.

There was a pretty fountain out front.

Stella said that since it was such a hot day, that she had to fight temptation to jump on in that water!

Cute lawn sculpture and a pretty metal gate.

Once inside, we were knocked nearly delerious by all the wonderful smells! You could smell those candles even before walking in the door. They had many displays of candles, including this huge unit of candles in jars. Tara had to check it out.

We were all smelling the candles too. Heaven!

Here are some of the beautiful displays. You can click on any pic if you wish to enlarge it to see the detail.

Oh these candles smell so good, you could almost eat them! They sure look good enough to eat!

Besides candles, there was an antique shop. In yesterday's post, you saw the sweet pink furniture.

Here is the chandelier from that setting. I thought it was really beautiful until I saw the $300 price tag.

This butter server was exquisite! I would love to have taken it home with me.

Stella wanted to be photographed in front of this windmill since my daughter lives in the Toledo suburb of Holland. She said all she was missing were little wooden shoes and some tulips.

I was very frugal and ended up purchasing only 3 votive candles in scents of vanilla cotton, vanilla and caramel and mocha chocolate. I intend to go back once I have a job again. If you'd like to visit the shop, or order online, you can check out their website here.

Have a relaxing Sunday! Stella's adventures start heating up this week and you will see just how adventurous, daring, and a little bit naughty she can be!


Neabear said...

Uh-oh, watch out for Stella! Looks like she was very well behaved at the Candle Shop. I could almost smell the yummy scents through the computer. I see what mean about some of the them looking good enough to eat.

Tara said...


Such different items here--thanks for taking me along!

Justine said...

Mmmmm....... I love sweet smelling candles the best. Vanilla is my absolute favorite scent in the world!!!!!

Tara looks JUST like you!!!!!!!!! Beautiful girl.

Justine :o )

marty39 said...

What a great shop. I could get in big trouble in there with all the gorgeous things. So pretty. Thanks for the tour. Hugs, Marty

Heather said...

wow i would go broke in that store!

Beansieleigh said...

Love all the vintage dishes! Happy Pink Saturday, and have a great week!

Helen said...

Lovely photos - all of them! Especially the lawn art. Have an amazing week, Cady!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Stella looks so cute in front of the windmill! I know she enjoyed smelling all of the candles. laurie

Lindsay-ann said...

This is the most beautiful candle shop I have ever seen. How I wish I was your daughter smelling those candles. The fish are gorgeous too. I will definately check out their website link.

Lorrie said...

Hi Kady, I have to agree with Lindsay this is the most beautiful candleshop! I would love to have been there with you.