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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Awards and an angel

I've been given two awards! The first is from Rue at Rue's Peanut Butter and Jelly Life. She gave this to everyone on her list of favorite blogs, and I am doing the same. Everyone on my list is more than welcome to take it, and so are visitors that I don't have listed. If you haven't ever been to Rue's blog, you should most definitely visit. Her love for her family is so evident, and she has a beautiful home and there is another beautiful home that is the object of her desire. Hers is one of the first blogs I click on every day!

Glenda at Tootsie Time presented me with this second beautiful award. Thank you, Glenda! You should most definitely visit her blog too. She is a gardener extraordinaire with her own greenhouse and better gardening tips than even professionals give! She has the best stories about her three darling children, and their antics make me laugh so hard that sometimes I think I'm going to need Depends! She is so down to earth and funny.
Here are the rules attached to passing on this award.

1.Display logo and link to who gave it.
2.Nominate at least 7 blogs.
3.Add links to those 7 blogs
4.Leave the nominees a message that they received the award

It was hard to decide who to pass this award on to because there are so many terrific blogs. Some are people that I have already given award to, but they keep on deserving them, and some are to new recipients. I tried to give this to people who didn't already have the award.

Donna at An Enchanted Cottage has a lovely blog and I am always enchanted by her beautiful home and projects and beautiful garden. She had one of my favorite sites on Rate My Space and I was so excited to find her in blogland.

Kat at Katerpillars No More has a wonderful blog where she shows off her beautiful primitive dolls. Her creativity astounds me. What I love about her best though is her honesty and her willingness to talk about her life which has had many a bump in the road. I think she is awesome and she thinks the same of me. I found her blog when entering a contest. I didn't win the prize, but got something even better...a new blog friend.

Rhondi at Rose Colored Glasses has a beautiful home and loves to decorate it with beautiful things, especially in my favorites, blue and white. She hosted a porch party last month that was so much fun! She was a fabulous host. She also has some adorable grandchildren that she has graciously shared online.

Deb at Deb's Country Kisses was one of my first blog friends and gave me my first two awards. She is a sweetheart of a soul and loves the Lord and her family. She lost her dear sweet father this week, so please stop by and offer up prayers, support, and good thoughts.

Cindy at My Romantic Home is also known as singlemomonabudget on Rate My Space. Her home is absolutely lovely and almost all of her special things are found at thrift stores, garage sales, or are free finds. She transforms them with some paint and creativity and it makes her home look like a million bucks! The new Rate My Space show came by and she will be seen on TV in October! How exciting!

Mary Jane at The Beehive Cottage is one of the Sisters on the Fly cowgirls! She and her friends have quaint trailers that they decorate in the most fabulous way, and they travel all over the country having fun fly fishing, riding horses, and camping together. Her home is also beautiful and her blog is a visual joy to visit.

And last but not least, Donna at Blushing Rose Antiques was one of my first blog finds. She has her own antique store and even had her home featured in a magazine! She crafts some of her own furniture while raising 4 handsome boys and taking care of her sweet hubby. I loved reading her tag where she had to share several things about herself and after reading that, was even more impressed! She seems fearless!

Well that is seven, but I could have listed so much more. Please do visit these blogs as they are well worth your time.

I have also received the Arte Y Pico award again, this time from Donna at the Enchanted Cottage. Her blog is listed below. I have already passed that on to five others in an earlier post, but just because I already have the award does not diminish how the joy of receiving it again from yet another friend!


I found an awesome angel statue!

A store in the area is closing, and I decided to see what I could find at their half price sale. This is my latest find at only $20! I love her! Haven't decided where I'm going to place my angel, but she will end up staying on my deck or making her home in one of my gardens.

I love the scripture.

Happy blogging all! I hope I've introduced you to some new blog friends today!


Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Wow, Kady! THANK YOU so very much for the 2 awards! I am honored and speechless to say the least! It has been a joy having you come visit my blog often! You are truly a sweetheart! I will be adding the awards to my side bar!

Yes, join PINK Saturday! It really is a lot of fun! See you soon Kady!

Big Hugs!

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

PS If you go to my sidebar and click on the awards you gave me, they lead back to you! Thanks Bunches hon! Maryjane

Rhondi said...

Hi Kady
Thanks very much for the award. I am thrilled that you'd think of me! I love the angel.
You should visit my friend Liisa's blog. She's on my sidebar: Ottilias Verandah. She lives in Sweden very close to where Carl Larssen lives. Some of the photos of where she lives look like a movies set and some look like they could have been apinted by carl.
Hope uou have a good Sunday.
Hugs, Rhondi

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Kady!
Congrats on your awards! You have a great blog!
I love the angel you found, I'll be anxious to see where you decide she will be used.
The chair and footstool you redid was adorable! Turned out great!
Hugs, Sherry

Justine said...

Wtg on the awards, Kady! You deserve them. And your new angel is just beautiful!

Justine :o )

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Kady!! Love your garden angel! How sweet is that?

Congrats on both of your awards!! Those who you have shared them with are very deserving as well. You are such a sweetheart!!


Justine said...

Hey Kady! When you go to YouTube and watch a video, to the right is some html code that you can copy and then paste right into your bloggy :o )

Justine :o )

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Kady!
Congrats on the awards! And your angel is beautiful!

Garage sale gal said...

Found your blog through Tootsie's comments. Have you read my blog about my Boy's? We have Jacks also and I see your sweet Jake :) I haven't posted the award Tootsie gave me...I'm trying to get this computer stuff figured out and somedays are better than others. Also, Connie gave me the same award so I'm not sure what's going on??? I'll figure it out. Warmly,Deb

Tara said...


Noce award for you--you deserve it! Love the statue you found, will look good anywhere you place it!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Congrats on your awards! Love your lil angel...very sweet! I hope you are enjoying your summer so far!

Rue said...

Congratulations Kady! Thank you for the blog love sweetie :)