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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Open Mic Night at the Coffeehouse

There is a wonderful coffeeshop in my town called Cabin FeverCoffee. The first three pics are from their website.

Isn't it pretty? In the summer, there are tables and chairs out front so you can have your coffee and sandwiches al fresco, and the window boxes are full of flowers. You can even buy gift items inside including candles.

There is also a second location on the north side of town near the mall. This is where they have a Friday night Open Mic night. My oldest son Sean decided to play his guitar and sing some songs he wrote!

I settled in with a nice cold mocha frappe, minus the whip cream and sprinkles.

Here is Sean with his guitar, singing his heart out! He loves being on stage! My mother's heart just swelled with pride even though he said a couple rather dorky things in his intro. He told everyone that he had named his guitar Sir Charles the Galdiator Eater just because it sounded cool. Uh hmmm, okay. Sometimes you just have to laugh.

We had a lot of fun listening to the other people play their guitars too, including some people that were in established area bands. There was a poem performed by one young lady about women and how they are seen for their appearance instead of their real selves,and I thought it was pretty awesome. Ironically, all the performers were younger folk in their 20s, then two were in their 50s. Maybe the coffeehouse concept missed the 30s and 40s population.

On Saturday, Sean went away for the day to visit with his girlfriend Lauren. Sorry, I don't have any pictures of them as I haven't met the young lady yet! It's a fairly new thing. I didn't have to sit home alone though. My daughter Tara came to visit!

I thought she looked really pretty yesterday and I told her so. She is a bargain shopper and found this wonderful navy and white striped top and her white capris for less than a dollar at a thrift shop. They could fill up a bag for $10 and were able to put 12 items of clothing in the bag! I'm so proud of her money stretching skills!

Here she is with her sweetie Mike. There are no more wedding details at this time as Mike is out of a job. They might have to settle for less than what they were hoping for, but I pointed out to her that even if they go before a judge or have just a small wedding, they can still be married.

Of course, my daughter had to snap a picture of me since I was taking so many of her! Mike spent most of the time inside sleeping on the couch, while Tara and I sat outside sipping raspberry lemondade in the sun and talking.

It was a very relaxing, peaceful afternoon.

I hope everyone else had a satisfying weekend!


Raxx - A day in the life said...

Hi Kady

Your weekend sounded great, your son looked very comfortable on stage. you look pretty relaxed too in your pic, nice picture.



Raxx - A day in the life said...

eeeep! I posted the same comment twice!

artis1111 said...

Looks like you had a great day!!. The coffee looks wonderful. Slurp!!!! That was good...Kathy

The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

What a cute shop. Way to go Sean for getting up there! I would've liked to have heard the women poem. Great pics of everybody!

I think simple weddings are the most beautiful.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh your daughter is pretty!...and thrifty too...I hope Mike knows he's getting a double Blessing!

How wonderful that your son is so outgoing...that is great!!

Deb said...

Hi Kady, you know all I had to see was mic and I was hooked. You know I am the Queen of the mic. Looks like it was a fun evening, your daughter looks beautiful as always. Deb

Justine said...

Tara really is a beautiful woman. I'm so sorry that Mike lost his job. is he on the look-out for another, I hope? What does he do? When are they planning on tying the knot? Come on woman, I need details!

Justine :o )

KarenHarveyCox said...

Your daughter looks like such a sweetheart. I'll say a prayer that Mike finds a great new job. I love a good cup of coffee too, and it always tastes so much better when I get it in a coffee shop. Looks like you are enjoying a lovely summer. Karen

Diana Lyn said...

How fun! Your a great suppotive MOM. Did you get your Boobie prize yet? LOL Hugs Diana Lyn

Buffie said...

What a beautiful daughter you have! I need to go shopping with her! lol!