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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sneaky Snake goes a dancin'

I was looking through the classified ads in the newspaper last Friday when I noticed an ad about a lost pet.
It read "Lost, 3 foot long snake in the vicinity of Seneca Street. If found call Larry at 419-xxx-xxxx." I found the ad pretty amusing, but then again I am pretty easily amused. I started wondering what it would be like if I lived on Seneca Street and read this in the paper. Not too happy, I don't imagine. I showed it to co-workers and said I was surprised that it wasn't a feature in the paper.

Well lo and behold, I open today's paper and there was a whole article about Larry and his missing snake. He had gone on vacation and upon returning, found that his 3 foot long labyrinth Burmese python named Floyd had escaped. He was careful to note the the snake is still a baby and "too small to be a danger to anyone." He went even further to note that anyone who finds Floyd should be "able to pick him up." Oh I think not.


Okay, this is what Floyd looks like.
Larry went on even further to say that "if somebody does find it, they can call me and I will come get it. Just don't let it go." I am wondering how Larry figures I am supposed to keep a 3-foot long python from getting away. Am I supposed to grab him by his scaly tail and hang on for dear life? I think this would be more my reaction! Now don't get me wrong. I actually don't hate snakes. I used to have friends that had snakes and I would hold them and not be afraid, but encountering a snake in the wild is an entirely different story, and baby, I am outta there!!!

Whew, just the thought of encountering Floyd the python has me stressed out. I suppose that I could fly to Israel and pay $70 for a massage...a snake massage.

No, I am not kidding. This is for real. Ewww!

Hope you can manage to have a happy day after all this! I will, because I don't live in the same part of town as Larry who lost his python. ;)


Justine said...

Oh boy, what a story. I can just see everyone on Seneca St. with their doors shut tight, blinds down, storm shutters closed. ROFL!
I love snakes and would love to meet Floyd, but I agree, finding one in your yard is a little different than having one in the home.

Justine :o )

Jan~Feather Your Nest Antiques said...

Great post Kady! It made me laugh even though I don't like snakes! But I love your sense of humor.


Raxx - A day in the life said...

You know hubby had a pet snake once, then he had to give it away because he wanted to bring it into the house, well you know me and critters, so it had to go!!

So glad that lost snake had no chance of appearing at your door!!


Rue said...

Hi Kady :)

I love pythons, but if I lived there and I hadn't read the paper, I don't think I'd be too happy to see Floyd LOL

I love your new bird feeder! Your son cracks me up because he looked so happy leaving LOL

rue :)

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

OMG! I would have PPPPPEEEEEDDDD my pants had I seen THAT snake in my yard! I am sure Floyd is happy to be home, as are the neighbors. Are they legal to have where you live?

Ok, a snake massage? I think not!

Cute post and love the graphics!!


The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

OMG, how funny!!
No snake massage for me!
I had a beagle named Floyd once~

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Great story...hope I don't dream about snakes!

Anonymous said...

OMG - I have a good friend that lives in Ohio - and her husband just found a 3 foot snake in their basement! But it wasn't the same kind of snake... Loved your little photos and captions! ha ha!! ...Donna

BittersweetPunkin said...

Ewwww is right!!
Happy 4th!! I hope you have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

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