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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Groundhog Day

Remember that cute little groundhog from my earlier post Critters on Bonnie Lane? Well he is back, and this time he came a little closer.

Look where I found him! On my deck under a chair!

He came onto the deck to feast on the leaves of the one tiny plant that is growing up through the boards of the deck.
I don't mind him from afar, but wasn't too pleased to see him this close to my house!

Jakey wasn't too pleased either. He is looking at the groundhog and wondering, what is that?
Run and hide from the beast, Jakey!
It's okay. Warrior poet Sean will go all evil on that critter!
Ah, at last he is gone...taking with him the leaves of the plant. The deck is safe once more.
It's okay to come out now, Jake. "Are you sure, Mommy?"
Whew, after all that excitement, a puppy boy needs his sleep!
I was hoping the groundhog wouldn't get so brave as to come back to my deck, but I just noticed that the new leaves on the plant are gone again. Looks like I need to get out there with the snippers and take care of it.

Just a note: No woodchucks were harmed in the commission of this post. Also Jakey has taken me to task and wants you all to know that he really wasn't scared, but that he barked like the King of his yard that he is and scared off the little furry beast.

Have a great evening all!


The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

I can't beleive he let you get so close! We have had one here since we moved in and all of my pics are "find the groundhog". He hears me coming and scrams.
Did you know they climb trees? I didn't, I could believe when our fatty was WAY up in one the other day! I took a pic, but again, you'll hafta look really hard to see em.
Jake is so cute. I love the marks above his eyes.

Justine said...

Aw, I want a groundhog to come visit me!!!!!!!!!! I've never seen one close up before. What a cutie! But poor Jakie. He really wasn't a happy camper! Did he really do hide himself under that blanket?

Justine :o )

Gollum said...

We've got a groundhog family living in our yard, and I have never gotten close enough to see what they look like. I do what your dog does. LOL Your photos are great!

Picket said...

Hey girl....what an amazing pic!!! We had one at our old house and boy those little critters can the time our dog had seen him...he had seen her and the chase was was like the old days when I use to go hunting with daddy and we were running thru the woods trying to keep up with the dogs!!!! lol lol Thanks for coming by sweetie..have a great night!

Tootsie said...

awesome post! I love the dog! how cute! already kmow my brave guard dog would have passed out at the sight of a mouse...goodness knows if she would ever "come to" for this! lol

Betty Jo said...

What a fun post! You have your own personal deck cleaner! xoxo

rosechicfriends said...

Kady..we have bunnies in our yard that eat all my new shoots in the spring. I have lost many a new plant this way..they are adorable from a far...but NOT close I. I can so relate!

Have a blessed day! Lorena

Shelia said...

That was so cute! You probably didn't think that little critter was so cute! Poor little Jakie, tell him I knew he wasn't scared! Your cute son was ready to go to town.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Deb said...

Kady! He's awfully scary, if Jakey is not scared, I am. :O) He was a little too close for comfort. I love the vine you found I hope he doesn't find it tasty. Deb

Tootsie said...

I would love to present you with an award my friend!

Diana Lyn said...

Hi Kady, Love your Post, Look at that little booger, eating your flowers, I have bunnies that get right close and do that! Your too funny,LOL, Yes that is a Trumpet vine I use to have one! Watch it, it will take over and will start sprouting up on the other side of your house or in your yard next to the mother plant! But it is grand! Enjoy! Have a wonderful day! Diana Lyn

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

To funny! Glad things have settled down! Great post!


kat449 said...

I promise Im going to update my blog in the morning...Ive been sooo busy since the 4th(the last entry) thank you for the award, you know the feelings are quite mutual, you so ROCK! When I prayed for women friends of excellence...why God answered my prayers but spread you all over the country ... Ill never know & was just a tease. I adore you Kady. I also have to tell you I knew you were extra cool cuz you have a JRT. My Opie has the old man whiskers on his face(hes only 3&1/2) and a big black round target spot on his beautiful white back, but hes much like Jakie, barks when the squirrels yawn at 3:00am but would run & burrow if one of them ever chased him. Thanks for the award. so did the hog see his shadow? love ya big sister...hugs, Kat