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Friday, July 25, 2008

Pink Saturday: Pink shoes, purses and posies

Welcome to my 2nd Pink Saturday hosted by Bev at How Sweet the Sound.

This week its all about pink shoes and purses, and a couple pink flowers thrown in there too.

I love these sandals I got at K-Mart a few years ago. The bow looks like the pink bow from the breast cancer awareness logos. I'm even wearing pink nail polish (from Sally Hanson Hard as Nails X-treme Wear in Almond Crunch).

Last summer I found these strawberry pink shoes from Sodapop when I went shoes shopping with a friend. She got sensible leather shoes for work. I got these kicky pink sweeties with pointy toes. I have wide feet and never thought I could wear pointed toe shoes, but they are like slippers, roomy and bendy. Love them!

Here come the slew of pink purses. I had not worn or even owned any article of clothing or accessories that were pink until about 3-4 years ago, then all of a sudden I decided that I loved pink, embraced my girly-girl side, and went on little pink buying sprees! It resulted in some of these purses.

I love the fabric flower that I pinned to this one. Isn't the close up of the weave in the purse cool? I love the bright pink!

I think I got this vinyl purse at Fashion Bug. I loved the letter K for my name!

This one below reminds me a little bit of hippie purses.

This next purse isn't really pink, but it caught my eye because of the pink flowers in the print.

Here is a close up.

And speaking of flowers, I love these white hibiscus with deep pink centers that finally bloomed yesterday! The purple bloomed over a week ago.

The pink geranium in my hanging basket is doing pretty well. The pink is so intense!

Hope everyone's weekend is in the pink! And do be sure to click on the Breast Cancer logo at the top on the sidebar and help give the gift of a mammogram to someone who needs one!


Dawn said...

That's a wonderful collection of pink purses and shoes!!! I think every girl needs to embrace their girly girl side :)

Pretty flowers as well. I'm still waiting for my hibiscus to bloom!

Happy Pink Saturday!

take care,

Picket said...

Morning girl!!! Loved those pink toe nails!!! lol lol Hope you have a great weekend sweetie1

Buffie said...

and you're so pretty in pink! : )

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Kady.

I am so loving those pink sandals, and you have convinced me that I need to shop for a pink purse.

I clicked the button. Thanks for including it.

Rue said...

Cute shoes and purses!!

Your flowers are doing really well :)


Justine said...

Ooh, send some of that pink stuff my way! I think I own one pink shirt and that's about it, although it's a pretty good color for my skin tone. Never have had a pink purse or shoes, but now you've got me thinking... LOL
I've got wide feet too and can NEVER find pretty shoes that are comfy. Where do you buy yours?

Justine :o )

Abuela Beauty said...

Definitely you are a Pink Girl!!!

Happy Pink Saturday!!

Besitos from Argentina!!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

All the pretty pink is positively perfect!

Joy said...

What could be more fun than pink handbags and pink shoes!

ellen b said...

Love the shoe shots! Enjoy your shoes, bags and beautiful flowers in your garden...

Kathy said...

So pretty! Great post...
Kathy (

Shelia said...

Evening Kady! Oh, I'm loving those cute little sandels and what pretty pink tooties you have! You have some very pretty purses and accessories, too. Beautiful flowers. So much pinkness is great!Be a pink sweetie tonight,
Shelia ;)

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Seems like everyone has pink shoes on their mind this week. LOL
Great collection of pink things. Have a great day,

Deb said...

Hi Kady, love your pinks, I especially love the pink sandals. Deb

artis1111 said...

I grew up with a pink room for 18 years. I was tired of pink, but now I am comming back around. I am helping my niece do her home in pink. Kathy

CONNIE said...

Beautiful post, Kady! Ilove pink but I admit I don't a pink shoe or pink bag. You inspired me.

Your flowers are doing great.

I also read a couple of your previous. I love your decorating style.

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

I love all your pink purses.... The "K" with the bling is Fabulous...
Mo :-)

Anne Fannie said...

Love your pink flowers and all your girly pink stuff!
Love, Ann

Margie said...

I definitely need a pink purse AND pink toenails! I just need to sit still long enough ...!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Love those purses & shoes, especially the one with the blingy K on it!!

Angelic Accents