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Thursday, July 17, 2008

July birthday, July flowers

Today was my youngest son's 16th birthday. You may have read about him in this post. He is in Texas right now visiting his father for 6 weeks.

He has been gone for just over 3 weeks, and I really wasn't missing him that much, but this week he got sick with an abscessed tooth, and he was in pain and not feeling well. Of course, this made my heart ache to be there with my baby boy. He is being well cared for though, and he is in good hands with his father and step-mom and the capable doctors. It still doesn't take away my mother's heart's desire to be with her little one when he is sick. He sounded a little better today, but you can just tell he wishes he was with me right now. What a sucky 16th birthday!

So anyhow, I decided to post something that would cheer me up a little. The lady who lived her before me and planted my beautiful flower gardens must have loved purple. This is the time of summer that all the purple flowers come out to shine! I don't know what all of them are, so if anyone knows, I would so appreciate it if you can enlighten me!

Edited to add: Thank you so much to Diana Lyn for telling me what kind of flowers I have!

This hibiscus grows on one of the bushes next to my deck, and another outside my kitchen window. Oddly enough, the purple bush has bloomed, but the one right next to it in white has yet to flower.

This phlox also grows next to my deck.

Warning! Spider pic follows! Honestly, its just a teeny one that I spotted on a petal. In real life it is very small. I just thought it made a cool pic though.

This coneflower, is also growing next to the deck.

These pretty daisies are growing next to my patio in the flowerbed at the end of the driveway.

And these last flowers grow in the flowerbed between my driveway and the garage. They are cosmos and they are so pretty that even though I thought they might be weeds, I am not about to pull them.

Hope that these gave you a smile too!

On Saturday I am joining Pink Saturday sponsored by Bev of How Sweet the Sound. Should be fun! I have a lot of pink things that I would love to show!


Diana Lyn said...

Hi Kady, Happy birthday to your son! Love your Flowers, I will help you, The first one is A Hibiscus, the second one with Mr. Spidy is Flox, you are correct on the next a cone flower, yes the next is daisies, and last but not least Cosmos, one of my favs. when they die down clip them back and they bloom again! By the Way you did not win my giveaway! :o(,.......... did Win the BOOBIE prize! :o) Check out my site, and email me your address! Have a good evening Hun, p.s. love the Cat Picture! Hugs~ Diana Lyn

Diana Lyn said...

p.s.s love the Mag. Cover!

Justine said...

Hi Kady!!!!!!!!!! And happy b-day to your "little" one! Hopefully he'll be all fixed up soon. When does he come home?

And did you comment on my blog that you eat peanut butter and RELISH sandwiches? But you can't eat an EGG???????? Oy vey!

Justine :o )

The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Aw, sorry you can't be with your boy on his boithday... hope he's feeling better too!

So, have you had much weeding to do in this fab garden of yours? I love hibiscus.

Um, peanut butter and relish? Bleh!! LOL!

Shelia said...

Morning Kady and happy birthday to your sonny boy! Hope he's better today. I love all your beautiful flowers today
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Diana Lyn said...

Good Morning, Yes email me your address, I work today and tomorrow but will mail it Monday! You did not Win My Boobie prize because of your chest size! I assure you, it is beacuse of my Boobs! and survival, How funny, LOL I have a French market which is a combo of tuberose, white ginger,pikaki, or a raspberry cream, which would you like? just e mail me your selcetion! Have a wonderful day, Diana Lyn

Buffie said...

Awww, poor baby! Tell him I feel his pain and I want my mommy too!!! I have to get mine pulled this week! maybe you can celebrate his BD another day....

Picket said...

Hey girl...happy Birthday to your son!!! I loved the flowers and I love seeing purple in my flowerbeds it just draws your eye right in...Hope you have a great weekend!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Hey Kady!
Your flowers are gorgeous!
And your son is a cutie. I know you must miss him! I'm sure you'll catch up soon on all the birthday hugs!
Have a great weekend!

CIELO said...

Good evening Kady.... Happy Birthday to your handsome son.... I enjoyed seeing all your beautiful flowers...

Have a lovely weekend...


Deb said...

Hi Kady, how are you? your flowers look great but the spider has to go. Thanks so much for your kind word of comfort during the loss of my father. It meant so much. Deb

Jenny said...

Your #1 picture is commonly called the Rose of Sharon. Very pretty!